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Chapter 3 - Negative EQ level

Chapter 3 – Negative EQ level

Lin Mumu looked at Yun Ting in surprise.
He was still holding her hand.
When Lin Mumu accepted his protective amulet, Yun Ting instantly seized the opportunity to take her hand, and then stayed in a dazed state while continuously holding her hand in his palm.
Noticing Lin Mumu’s gaze, he hurriedly let go of her hand and pretended to forget his little action while calmly looking back at her.
The two’s gazes met, and a thread of puzzlement and doubt flashed through their eyes.
It was rare to see such and an awkward Yun Ting, and Lin Mumu couldn’t help giggling at the sight.
“You are already my, Yun Ting’s wife, so don’t ever think about running away. You can rest assured, if you don’t like it, I won’t announce your status public or interfere with your life.
The only reason I married you was because my father compelled me to take you as my wife. Even if it is only putting on a play, you have to accompany me to the end.
Additionally, I want to remind you that I’m a soldier in active military duty, and in China, we implement the military marriage protection policy, do don’t even think about divorce.”
From beginning to end, Yun Ting talked while attentively watching Lin Mumu’s expression. In his calm eyes, there was a slight trace of nervousness and apprehension.
Afraid that his tone was too grave and heavy and could scare her, he spoke softly in a light tone, as If she was a little animal that could run away at any moment.
Why did he sound like a human trafficker trying to bring in a little child bride?
But there was nothing he could do about it, after all, he was afraid, afraid that if he didn’t strike first, his little slow witted and well-behaved Mumu would be abducted by someone else. So, what else could he do?
Who would have thought that, after all he said, Lin Mumu would cleverly nod her head in a very sensible manner?
“You should change your clothes first, I will then take you to Beijing. There are three days left before classes start at Beijing University, so time is a bit tight.”
Yun Ting curiously glanced at her again, and then urged the little soldier to leave.
When the door was closed did Lin Mumu look at her pinched red right hand and started kneading it. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “Yun Ting, your EQ is too low!”
Obviously, he was fond of her, yet he kept insisting he was only acting according to his parents’ wishes.
The previous life’s Yun Ting had also said the same thing.
This sentence had provoked Lin Mumu’s sensitive nerves. Even though she later started liking Yun Ting a little, she always thought that Yun Ting didn’t like her at all, and just found her as a woman he could use to deal with his parents.
Thinking about it now, it may be assumed that at that time, Yun Ting was afraid Lin Mumu would ask for divorce, so he used this overbearing and roundabout tactic to settle her. The combat plan of the army really wasn’t handy for girls ~~
– – – –
Yun Ting was guarding the door outside while Lin Mumu changed her clothes at peace of mind inside.
The little soldier’s taste was pretty good. The clothes he bought were basically casual outfits for young girls of her age. He didn’t purchase excessively bold or mature colors, and the clothes were reasonable and not too exposing.
Lin Mumu chose to wear a light blue dress with durable little black leather shoes. She also used a black rubber band to tie her hair into a ponytail. Her overall look was very youthful and charming.
Looking at Lin Mumu with such a youthful appearance and bright smile on her face, Yun Ting’s Adam’s apple subconsciously rolled up twice, only heaven knew how tempting this little girl appeared to him.
Yun Ting was not really a lustful person, he was even famous at the military base for his insensitiveness to the opposite sex. Regardless of whether the woman was a valiant flower of the military or an alluring famous actress, Yun Ting never showed the slightest interest.
It was estimated only Lin Mumu was able to make his body temperature shot up to the skies, and make himself unable to hold back anymore.
“Wow! These clothes look really good on sister-in-law! Yun Ge, my insight was pretty good, right?” Xiao Du started joking around.
“En, it’s okay.” The corner of Yun Ting’s lips rose slightly, which meant he was in a pretty good mood at the moment.
“We’re leaving, get in the car.” Seemingly trying to conceal his short moment of loss of self-control, Yun Ting’s tone turned cold and somewhat stiff. He grabbed the schoolbag and the other unpacked paper bags ang boxes from Lin Mumu’s hands and directly placed them in the front passenger seat.
Consequently, he and Lin Mumu could only sit together at the backseat. Even the backseat had many boxes piled at the side, so Yun Ting and Lin Mumu had to squeeze together to fit in. this way, Lin Mumu had no choice but to approach him and tightly sit next to him.
Previously, Lin Mumu was so pure and simple minded, how could she ever discover that Yun Ting, this guy, was thoroughly black bellied inside out?

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