Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 4 - You are my child bride

Chapter 4 – You are my child bride

The SUV quickly pulled the 100,000 mountains of the Hainan island into a long strip of landscape. Looking out the window, Lin Mumu’s mood was somewhat difficult to describe.
The 18-year-old girl, who left her confined environment for the first time, should have been excited and extremely stirred emotionally. However, Lin Mumu now had the memories of her previous lifetime, that painful past was still preoccupying her mind…
No! Since God gave her the chance to live again, she should stop carrying around those painful memories. She should just keep in mind that Yun Ting loves her, and that she also loves Yun Ting. Everything else can be forgotten. It was better to start over.
Just let her once again experience these heart throbbing moments.
“Thirsty? Drink some herbal tea.”
“En.” Lin Mumu took the herbal tea Yun Ting handed her and took tiny sips with her small mouth, while her fluffy ponytail swept through his shoulder with her movement.
Yun Ting strongly kept his thoughts under control, fearing his expression would be too excessive and consequently scaring the pure little girl in front of him.
“You… Is there anything you’d like to ask?” Seeing this very cooperative Lin Mumu, Yun Ting was somehow ill at ease.
His experience from dealing with prisoners taught him that once the prisoner acts very cooperative, it meant he was planning a big move to escape.
Yun Ting always felt like Lin Mumu was being perfunctory, knowing she couldn’t resist him, and simply in order to put his mind at ease, so that she could later find an opportunity to escape.
“There’s none, ah!” Lin Mumu sweetly smiled at Yun Ting, revealing two adorable little canines. She said:
“In the end, I was the one who made a profit. The master’s eyes are really good, to find me such a handsome man as my husband. You’re truly good looking, much more handsome than the picture of the National Male God of the imperial capital.”
“Pfff!” Xiao Du, who was eavesdropping while driving, couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud.
His family’s young god Yun unexpectedly also had a day where a woman would take liberties with him. Sister-in-law, add oil! Push him down!
“It’s not that your master’s eyes are good, you were originally specifically chosen by the Yun family as,” Yun Ting thought for a moment before finding the word to describe it: “Child bride.”
Do you need to be so irritating!
If she hadn’t been reborn, Lin Mumu was certain, she would undoubtedly hate this negative EQ Yun Ting again.
Where does anyone talk to female students this way?!
Sensing Lin Mumu got angry, Yun Ting nervously once again held her hand in his palm.
Lin Mumu did not struggle. She let him pull her hand as he pleased, and her small face turned around angrily to look outside the window.
“Little blockhead, you still don’t remember. Five years ago, a teenager carried your master back home. You got along well, and said you’d repay his favor. He said: [If you want to repay me, devote your life to me], and you agreed.”
When she was thirteen years old?
Lin Mumu finally remembered.
Their Yu Qing Taoist temple didn’t receive outsiders all year round. Back then, when the master was injured when he went out, and was sent back by a dark little brother. It was the first outsider Lin Mumu had ever seen. But she’s pretty sure that he didn’t look like this at the time!
“Lu Renjia?”
Why did he not tell her about this in their last life? He kept this secret until he died.
It turned out that he was the Lu Renjia who called her little blockhead in the past. This wasn’t Lin Mumu fault, ah, at the time, she asked him his name and he answered “Luren Jia (Passer-by/Stranger).”
“Correct, since you promised me, you’re precisely my child bride.” A trace of joy flashed through Yun Ting’s eyes.
Don’t you know the saying ‘Children’s words carry no harm’? At that time, although Yun Ting was 17 years old, Lin Mumu was only 13 years old!
Can this kind of casual talk be taken seriously? Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid?!
Anyways, in order to marry, Yun Ting has the energy to find 100 000 reasons to justify himself. Lin Mumu realized that it was obviously useless to reason with Yun Ting, that would only be looking for one’s own awkwardness.
However, how much loss could she endure eating by Yun Ting? Lin Mumu said in a bad mood: “You are a child bride! Your whole family is a child bride! Humph!”
Although Lin Mumu scolded him, her little face angrily fuming, he didn’t let go of her hand.
Yun Ting performed the magical trick and took a packet of potato chips to hand it to Lin Mumu: “When bored, I usually eat some snacks.”
“Not eating it would be a shame.”
Lin Mumu was still angry, but she was unlikely to make life difficult for the snacks.
Yun Ting has always been very good to Lin Mumu. In the past, Lin Mumu had never lacked any snacks. She could only secretly buy them from her own family’s black hearted master, but she later realized those were actually all Yun Ting’s.
It takes a person’s heart to notice someone’s every single like and preference. Yun Ting was exactly this way towards Lin Mumu.