Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 5 - 100 000 Whys

Chapter 5 – 100 000 Whys

Lin Mumu bit onto the potato chips, and the mood inside the car was inexplicably relaxed. As the curious baby that she is, Lin Mumu pulled Yun Ting and started the 100 000 whys mode.
LMM “Yun Ting, where is this?”
YT “Hainan Island.”
LMM “Yun Ting, where are we going?”
YT “Beijing.”
LMM “Where is Beijing?”
YT “Beijing is the capital of China.”
LMM “How big is Beijing? How long until we get there?”
“Yun Ting, how old are you?”
“Yun Ting, when is your birthday?”
“Yun Ting, what’s your favorite color?”
“Yun Ting, how did you meet my master?”
“Yun Ting, which army unit are you from? What rank are you? ”
“Yun Ting, was your training very hard? Did you ever cry? ”
” Yun Ting, …… ”
When Yun Ting faces such an unrestricted Lin Mumu, the first thing to do in order to confront her is being patient and answering all her questions.
Lin Mumu was naturally lively and spontaneous, being curious and having many questions was very normal.
However, Yun Ting, who has always been at the army in the capital, was a man of few words. Where was he ever heard someone spouting this much nonsense? Where was he ever confronted to such a scene?
Yun Ting’s thoughts floated to 5 years ago. At that time, this little girl wasn’t that tall, her body and limbs were still pretty short, but she was just as lively and talkative, spouting out streams of questions from her little mouth.
When he was asked until he got annoyed, she would give him a silver bell-like laugh, cutely mocking him as a Lu Renjia who didn’t understand anything.
At that time, she called him Lu Renjia, and he called her Xiao Mutou (little blockhead).
(TL note: I think you guys understand by now how the misunderstanding works. When she asked for his name, he answered “Luren Jia” meaning passerby/stranger. But from then on, she kept calling him “Lu Renjia” as if it was a name. I didn’t put it in the previous chapter, but when he calls her little blockhead/slow-witted, in the raws, it’s actually “Xiao Mutou” a play of words on her name “Lin Mumu” or “Xiao Mu”. They were basically calling each other by nicknames.)
Although Lin Mumu’s questions were eccentric, Yun Ting patiently answered them one by one, without getting impatient.
Lin Mumu kept asking questions and getting answers until she got tired and finally fell asleep while still holding the bag of potato chip.
A tiny dimple hung on the face of the fallen asleep Lin Mumu, and while bending her head to the side for a more comfortable position, she unconsciously leaned against Yun Ting’s shoulder.
With a gentle gaze, Yun Ting looked at Lin Mumu’s thick lashes, and nervously straightened his posture to stabilize her, fearing that any swaying could wake her up.
Xiao Duxiang wanted to make a joke, but he was instantly shut up by Yun Ting’s murderous glare.
Sister-in-law absolutely was young general Yun’s white moonlight (unforgettable first love), and he would make sure to share this gossip with all the other comrades-in-arm this year!
– – – –
Halfway on the road, Yun Ting’s familiar cell phone ringtone suddenly resounded a familiar ringtone, pulling Lin Mumu back from her dreams.
Lin Mumu cutely blinked her eyes, and seemed to be anticipating something pretty good.
If she remembers correctly, this phone call should be from Yun Ting’s unrelated by blood younger sister, Yun Ruoshan.
Through the phone, she could hear Yun Ruoshan’s tender and naive voice: “Second brother, how could you be so stupid? If father forces you to immediately marry, you’ll just casually bring a woman to annoy him?
Second brother, even if you want to annoy father, you don’t need to embarrass yourself this much. Or I could also throw a tantrum at grandfather, to persuade him that in the whole land under heaven, there’s no woman worthy of my second brother.
Moreover, you are the Yun family’s second young master, China’s youngest major general, the women who want to marry you could make three rows around the capital’s city walls, why should you give up the all the choices nearby to travel far away and pick up a Daoist nun from some mountain?
Oh, right, you went as far as picking up a Daoist nun, your taste’s pretty heavy, ah! Is a Daoist nun not a monk? Next time, what, you’ll play around with a Buddhist nun? I didn’t expect you to disregard people’s gossip, tut tut (to click one’s tongue), not even worried of making tomorrow’s newspapers’ headlines!”
In the past, Yun Ruoshan was also one of the knots in Lin Mumu and Yun Ting’s relationship.
After all, at the time, Lin Mumu didn’t know that Yun Ruoshan was not his blood related sister, and she also couldn’t have expected that the girl adopted by the Yun family would covet her own older brother.
Saying these words, Yun Ruoshan was purposely letting Lin Mumu hear them to convince her that Yun Ting didn’t love her but only married her for convenience, and then give birth to grudges and barriers in Lin Mumu’s heart, right?
And Yun Ting was unfortunately exactly the kind of person who doesn’t like to justify himself.
After some time, it’d be a wonder if these misunderstandings didn’t grow bigger.
Moreover, no one likes to be jeered at by others.
Although Lin Mumu grew up at the Taoist temple, she wasn’t regarded as an actual disciple originally intending on entering to become a Daoist, so she wasn’t really a Taoist nun. Moreover, the path to Buddhism was different from Taoism. Daoist nun could obviously marry, let alone Lin Mumu who was far from being a proper disciple.