Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 6 - Lin Mumu’s jealousy

Chapter 6 – Lin Mumu’s jealousy

In a bad mood, Lin Mumu angrily grabbed Yun Ting’s cellphone: “Hello, I am Yun Ting’s wife, may I ask who you are?”
“What rights do you have to take my brother’s phone?” Yun Ruoshan’s angry voice came through the phone, sharp and high pitched, far from her usual soft and tender tone.
Because Yun Ting basically wasn’t fond of answering the phone, Yun Ruoshan thought that this woman was the one who picked up at the beginning. Then why did she waste her time persuading with a bunch of nonsense?
But Yun Ruoshan also wasn’t in a hurry. Without thinking it through, she said in a perfunctory tone: “Alright, don’t blame me for not reminding you, my elder brother dislikes other people touching his possessions. If you don’t want to die, quickly return the phone to him.”
“Yun Ting is my husband, I will later trouble you not to call my husband at will. I am unlikely to let my husband leave home to fondle the flowers and trample the grass (Idiom: womanize, frequent brothels).” Lin Mumu said earnestly in a serious way with a deadpan expression, and then hung up the phone.
Next, she glared at Yun Ting and accusingly said: “Yun Ting, you said that you were my husband, shouldn’t you rightfully be good to me alone? Why are there still other women?”
The little girl is angry?
En, Lin Mumu’s angry look is especially adorable, her bulging cheeks make one really want to poke them.
Yun Ting still endured it at first, but was still not accustomed to controlling his right hand’s action along.
Only a moment ago, his right hand had grasped her own. Now that Lin Mumu was angry, his hand grabbing action became a matter of course action to do.
“Rest assured, since I have married you, I will only be good to you, Lin Mumu, in this lifetime.” Yun Ting quickly expressed his position, and blurted out an explanation: “That was just my younger sister.”
“Younger sister? Are you blood-related?” Lin Mumu didn’t know how to pretend so she went straight to the heart of the matter.
“We’re not.” Yun Ting never liked to lie to Lin Mumu.
“Humph! Not blood-related, yet still called a sister? In the movies, those kinds of sister are precisely the more likely to fight over men.
Yun Ting, she’s used to acting spoiled with you, still I’ll be vicious and ask you to blacklist her on your phone, later, you’re not allowed to have any contact with her.”
Previously, Lin Mumu used to be so sensible that she ended up being bullied. In this lifetime, she’ll make sure to be a very unreasonable little woman.
“Good. I’ll listen to you.” Seeing Lin Mumu being jealous for him, Yun Ting’s mood was inexplicably good.
“She said I couldn’t touch your phone?”
“Other people can’t, you can.”
“Then, that’s good.” Lin Mumu candidly looked into the phone and cheerfully blacklisted Yun Ruoshan’s number which made her brows relax and a big smile appeared on her face.
Lin Mumu’s dress didn’t have any pockets, so she could only hold the phone in her hand, however she was very reluctant to put down the potato chips, and wished she could just put the phone inside it to keep both.
Yun Ting only regarded it as, if she was this fond of phones, he’ll just purchase several more for her.
As for him, at this moment, it was more important to stealthily extend his arm behind Lin Mumu’s neck and then put it behind her shoulders.
Lin Mumu was too focused on struggling which to keep between the phones and the potato chips, and naturally didn’t notice Yun Ting’s small movements. He simply stretched his arms around her but didn’t touch her.
Xiao Du was also curious about what his family’s young general Yun was trying to do, and why he hasn’t hugged his sister-in-law yet.
Ten minutes later, Lin Mumu got sleepy again, and the phone along the potato chips fell from her hand.
She unconsciously leaned to Yun Ting’s side again, but since his arms were opened this time, she fell into his chest instead of his shoulder.
Yun Ting naturally caught her in his arms and drew Lin Mumu towards him to hold her steadily. In his mind, he silently made up the excuse “fearing that being muddle-headed while asleep she would fall to ground”.
Lin Mumu’s body was small and soft, so she looked so vulnerable in his arms, Yun Ting felt like tiny paws were scratching at his heart.
If he had known earlier that this little girl was this charming, he wouldn’t have done this dirty trick to let her lean on his chest instead of his shoulder.
However, being able to hold Lin Mumu in this way, Yun Ting’s heart was nevertheless full of happiness.
This time was indeed an eye-opener for Xiao Du, he didn’t expect the young general Yun to be this black-bellied.
This trick was very good, he should learn to use on the next younger sister!