Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 7 - Hello Xiao Nigu, I’m Xiao Daogu

Chapter 7 – Hello Xiao Nigu, I’m Xiao Daogu

From the Hainan Island’s border to Beijing, it took about 30 hours of nonstop driving. Yun Ting worried that Lin Mumu couldn’t endure the long trip so, in the evening, he directly stopped at a nearby residence to rest.
This wasted them some time and they ended up rushing to Beijing’s University and arrived just in time for the registration’s day.
Lin Mumu thought that her master was very capable. Beijing University was ranked the first in China. She didn’t even participate in the college entrance examination, but she actually got the admission notice.
However, Lin Mumu’s college major is the unpopular and neglected branch of religious studies.
Yun Ting worried that Lin Mumu wouldn’t get used to university life, so he personally accompanied her to register and then helped her tidy up her bed in order to reassure her.
Lin Mumu was standing at the side nibbling on peaches with a cunning smile: “Yun Ting, I think you must have been ripped by the old man. The old man refused to send me to register so he just had you do it.”
“…” Yun Ting really didn’t know what was going on in Lin Mumu’s little mind: “I’m perfectly willing to take care of you.”
“Wow, so romantic!” At this time, the dormitory room’s door was pushed opened by someone. A short haired female student with a cute rounded face came inside.
She imitated Yun Ting’s tone and repeated: “I’m perfectly willing to take care of you.”
In presence of strangers, Yun Ting’s aura has always been very oppressive.
The female student felt Yun Ting coldness and helplessly stuck out her tongue.
Nevertheless, Lin Mumu took the lead to reach out her hand: “Hello, my name is Lin Mumu, I’m a freshman at the religious studies department”.
“Chen Fangya, I am also a religious studies freshman. I heard that the religions department had two girls, a little Buddhist nun and a little Daoist nun. Since I’m studying Buddhism, I guess that you’re the little Daoist nun?” The round-faced girl was very lively and friendly.
“En, hello little Buddhist nun, I am a little Daoist nun.” Lin Mumu friendly shook Chen Fangya’s hand. From today onwards, with their little nicknames, they would start their friendship.
(TL note: Since they will use them often as nicknames, I’ll start writing Xiao Daogu for little Daoist nun, referring to Lin Mumu, and Xiao Nigu for little Buddhist nun, referring to Chen Fangya.)
At the side tidying up the bed, Yun Ting was a bit helpless at hearing their way of talking.
His family’s Lin Mumu was obviously a disciple who was obliged to practice Daoism as she lived at the temple, but she couldn’t be regarded as an actual Daoist nun!
“Ha ha ha! You cracked me up!” Chen Fangya was amused by Lin Mumu’s greeting, and held her belly laughing heartily.
“Hey, Xiao Daogu, is that your boyfriend, ah?”
“My husband.” Lin Mumu answered softly.
It is a pity that Chen Fangya didn’t realize Lin Mumu meant her ‘legal husband’ and only thought Lin Mumu was very close with her boyfriend since some of her older seniors also called each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ when dating.
“Your boyfriend looks very handsome. Not only good looking, also very aloof!
No good, Xiao Daogu has a boyfriend, naturally I, Xiao Nigu, also have to find one so people won’t look at us religious studies female students with colored glasses (prejudice).”
Lin Mumu laughed happily: “Good, ah! Single charming Buddhist nuns must have a lot of suitors!”
Chen Fangya was a very lively and friendly person. In her last life, Lin Mumu reported to the university alone, and Fangya took the initiative to help her tidy up her bed, and since then the two have become good friends.
it seems that birds of a feather flock together. Both of them are the simple-minded type, with a naïve and very guarded nature. And they both ended up in the religious studies department, therefore their emotional path was also confused.
She was able to live one more time, Lin Mumu also hopes to protect Chen Fangya and let her clearly the true nature of the people around her.
Being able to see Chen Fangya again, Lin Mumu’s mood improved by leaps and bounds. They chatted friendly for a while and quickly became intimately close with each other.
Yun Ting wasn’t accustomed to an environment of girls’ chattering. He helped Lin Mumu tidy up her bed, and immediately walked over to pull away his person to leave.
At this time, the other two people of the dorm room hadn’t come back yet. Leaving Chen Fangya alone, Lin Mumu smiled embarrassedly, and took out potato chips from her schoolbag to leave them behind for Chen Fangya for comfort in case she felt lonely.