Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 12 - Lin Tianlang

Chapter 12 – Lin Tianlang

Yun Ting’s hearing was very good, moreover, he’s been staring at Lin Mumu, so no matter how low her voice was, it naturally couldn’t escape his ears.
“Let’s go, ok? I’ll send you back to school, I can’t accompany you tonight.”
Yun Ting strongly tried to repress himself. From the bottom of his heart, he couldn’t wait to push her down and immediately eat her up. After all, his little girl had small courage and didn’t understand life affairs well, so he shouldn’t be too hasty and end up scaring her.
He was not allowed to be too impulsive during this time period. Yun Ting took her out again for an evening meal, and hastily went her back before their outing even reached an hour. He seemed to want to hug her closely, but he didn’t even have time to accompany her and she felt wronged.
Yun Ting drove Lin Mumu back to Beijing University and was finally pretty satisfied with the journey.
Because Yun Ting’s body didn’t ‘stink’ anymore, Lin Mumu was willing to be close to him again, and quietly leaned against his arm to play with her cellphone during the way back.
By the time they arrived at the school gate, Yun Ting couldn’t hold back anymore and resolutely clasped her head in his hands and kissed her deeply for a while. He then reluctantly let go to and watched her get off the car.
When Lin Mumu walked halfway, she received a text message from Yun Ting.
[A new group of army troops has enrolled. The next mission is to give them confined training. It’s unlikely there will be any danger.]
It turned out to be military training!
Yun Ting really was a cunning man, even knowing that Lin Mumu was worried about him, he deliberately didn’t tell her the task contents.
Humph, forget it, I ‘ll forgive him! Who made me love him?
Lin Mumu thought as much, but her face couldn’t help blushing a little.
“Lin Mumu, here, here.”
Hearing the familiar voice, Lin Mumu quickly walked over and teased Chen Fangya: “Xiao Nigu, are you guarding the school waiting for your boyfriend?”
Chen Fangya wasn’t regarded as a stunningly beautiful woman, but she was still considered a little beauty. Moreover, her disposition was naturally lively and adorable which was very attractive. it is also a very good little beauty, and the character is also very lively and lovely, the only regret would be that she was a little short.
“There is no boyfriend, only this Xiao Nigu.” Chen Fangya helplessly looked at Lin Mumu and pulled her away.
“Our religious department’s Lin Tianlang was looking for you. I came to the school gate to get you.”
“Lin Tianlang?”
“En, En. You don’t even know Lin Tianlang? Then how were admitted in the religious studies department?
Lin Tianlang is the only graduate student taught by Professor Lin. It seems to be a member of the Taoist Association council. He’s very famous in the entire Taoist world. Also, he is widely known to be a very difficult to handle person.
It seems he’s very handsome, and I even heard that Lin Tianlang was so skilled at martial arts he could beat up a dozen people alone. Anyway, there are many legends about him.”
“I don’t know. I only came out from a Taoist temple deep in the mountain a few days ago. You are the first person I’ve ever met after leaving the mountain.” Lin Mumu looked down and counted on her fingertips, “Actually, the third person.”
“Ah? Lin Mumu, are you talking for real? Then how could you pass the entrance exam and be admitted into university?”
“I’ll tell you a secret, I didn’t take the college entrance examination, I came in through a relation.” Lin Mumu said with a mysterious expression.
“You’re joking, right? I definitely don’t believe you. Do you think this is Beijing Professional Training Electronic Technology College? This is Beijing University! No way, no way, ah! Even a flower pot needs to go through the entrance exam, even the special enrollment students must take the college entrance examination, ah!
Xiao Daogu, you are too unscrupulous! They say that there are many sticks for the door god, I see it’s really true.”
Lin Mumu shrugged her shoulders helplessly, and didn’t explain much. She said the truth, but no one believed her.
Chen Fangya was very familiar with Beijing University and soon took Lin Mumu to the religious department area.
Speaking of it, Beijing University was really supportive of religious studies. The university actually allocated a small traditional three-story bamboo building next to the famous Yan Shui Lake as the main building of the religious studies department.
The religious studies’ professors said they came to teach, but in fact, all they did was drink tea and gossip all day at the bamboo house. Very few students actually came here as they still had to work hard to learn the numerous other subjects and therefore spent more time at the main teaching area.