Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 10 - Our Home

Chapter 10 – Our Home

“She likes you.”
Lin Mumu didn’t like beating around the bush.
“I know.”
The bastard, he actually knew!
Lin Mumu was really mad this time. He angrily leaned against the car door and put as much distance as possible between her and Yun Ting.
Yun Ting helplessly looking at Lin Mumu avoiding his gaze and hiding in the corner, he was now really regretful. Why did he have to buy such a big car?! Being spacious is a good thing, but what’s going on with the useless space between hi seat and Lin Mumu?
“Come here.”
“No, your body stinks, there’s someone else’s smell on you.”
“Xiao Mutou, be reasonable, Yun Ruoshan is my younger sister.”
“You stink, I don’t like you.”
Yun Ting knew today’s matter was his fault, but he didn’t expect Lin Mumu to be so sensitive to smell and to care so much about it.
Yun Ting could only watch Lin Mumu avoiding him while trying to focus on driving.
The most worrying thing was that when they reached the Hainan Island restaurant, Lin Mumu actually opened the door to get off the car and avoided him like the plague, afraid he would actually approach her.
He couldn’t even hug her, forget about holding her hand…
Yun Ting helplessly got off the car alone, and casually sniffed his sleeve.
“It’s stinks. I promise I won’t allow anyone to touch me again next time.”
“There won’t be a next time, else, you can forget about seeing me again. Humph! Humph!”
“I’ll listen to you.”
Lin Mumu also knows that Yun Ting only sees Yun Ruoshan as his younger sister. She only wanted him to be more careful about her future approaches, else she wouldn’t have made trouble without reason.
However, Lin Mumu’s character was very straightforward. What she doesn’t like it, she simply doesn’t like. Even while having the meal, she kept her distance from Yun Ting.
Yun Ting knew he was in the wrong, and could only watch the little heartless fellow as she only cared about the delicacies in front of her, and would absolutely not allow him near her.
After a satisfying meal, Yun Ting immediately took Lin Mumu to a traditional Chinese house with enclosed courtyard nearby Beijing University and told her: “Later, this will be our home.”
“Our home? I have a new home?”
“En, our home.” Yun Ting nodded his head and was very satisfied with Lin Mumu’s wording.
Lin Mumu’s eyes were slightly shaking while looking around the new environment. In her past life, Lin Mumu had only ever heard Yun Ting’s invitation but was too embarrassed to ever visit their matrimonial home.
At the beginning of the 21st century, the Chinese housing industry began to rise abruptly. The capital of Beijing’s land became very expensive, and tall building were the economical living standard.
Those traditional courtyard houses were extremely precious cultural heritage and couldn’t simply be bought with money. It was also necessary to remodeling them in order to fit in the modern living way with all the important facilities and installations.
Yun Ting’s courtyard house wasn’t considered very big, but the surrounding area was very peaceful. In the vast courtyard, there were several empty houses. Unexpectedly, living in such a place seemed pretty nice.
The most pleasant thing for Lin Mumu was the garden. In the noisy Beijing, owning a garden was very rare, and she could actually peacefully enjoy planting her flowers there.
Lin Mumu came from a Daoist temple in the deep mountains of the Hainan Island. What she was reluctant to part with was her garden full of flowers. Now that she had this garden, she could raise as many plants as she wished.
“Yun Tings, this garden isn’t small, I didn’t expect you to be a local tyrant, hehe. Can I come here anytime in the future?”
“Of course you can. You are the mistress of this place, and the title deed is in your name.”
“Really? Then I want to plant flowers here. En, I will also plant more fruit trees. This grape rack should be preserved, so that we can later eat fresh grapes.” Lin Mumu happily started planning their future home.
She wanted to arrange their home in a beautiful and clean manner, not too extravagant but elegant enough. There was no need for luxurious furniture and decorations. However, the courtyard must be full of plants.
“I will entirely listen to you.” Yun Ting indulgently nodded at her.
“Behave for a while, you can play by yourself as you like, there are fruits in the refrigerator, you can eat them by yourself.” Yun Ting said this and then instantly rushed to the bathroom before quickly turning on the shower.
Looking at Yun Ting’s back view, Lin Mumu curled her lips: “Humph, who told you to fondle the flowers and trample the grass (idiom: to womanize)? Serves you right!”