Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 18.1 - Yun Ting’s Counterattack (Part 1)

Chapter 18 – Yun Ting’s Counterattack (Part 1)
Just a moment ago, Chen Fangya helped Lin Mumu install her new laptop in the dormitory. She smoothly went online and connected to the university’s forum and the first thing she saw was a romantic photo of Lin Mumu and Lin Tianlang.
Without a second thought, she immediately rushed out to ask Lin Mumu whether there was something between them or not.
“What are you saying? Have you not already seen my husband? Isn’t he more handsome than him?” Lin Mumu honestly answered Chen Fangya’s queries while giving her a meaningful look.
Moreover, Lin Mumu didn’t stop talking about her husband from the opening to the closing of her mouth, their relationship was obviously very good.
“I only became aware today that that Professor Lin was originally my master, so senior Lin is really my senior brother disciple.”
She only has a single master and no other close relatives. Later, she will definitely frequently visit Professor Lin and request a lot of things from him, and this matter won’t be concealed easily.
Lin Mumu now wasn’t as generous as she was in the beginning and couldn’t afford repeatedly explaining herself.
“Wow, you’re unexpectedly a disciple of Professor Lin? In that case, when there’s such an awesome master, and such a handsome senior brother, can I change to start learning the practice of Daoism?” Chen Fangya had a bitter face.
Chen Fangya now was a little more convinced that Lin Mumu got into university thanks to relations. Indeed, professor Lin’s relation seems to be more useful than the principal’s.
“Master’s demand in disciple is awfully high.” Lin Tianlang decides to give her a friendly reminder.
Lin Mumu was having a hard time holding in her laughter. Her senior brother is really interesting, he doesn’t even give girls a face, no wonder people feel he’s cold and remain forever girlfriendless.
Chen Fangya was angry by the internal injury she just received. Seeing her like this, Lin Mumu had an idea and secretly told her in her ear: “Later, make sure to eat more until he can only be left poor for a while.”
By the time they arrived at the cafeteria, Chen Fangya proposed: “Mumu, can your mobile phone take pictures?”
“Come help me take a few pictures, I’ll send them to my mom and my older sister to show them that from the very first day of college, I met handsome senior Lin and got to eat a meal with him! Let them envy me to death!
You don’t know but, our whole family originally believed in Buddhism, but the two women immediately changed to practice Daoism because of senior Lin!”