Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 19.1 - Young master Yun actually smiled (Part 1)

Chapter 19 – Young master Yun actually smiled (Part 1)
Now that “little fish” was exposed, it naturally caused a new wave of interest and became the new hot post, and the original post about Lin Mumu was unexpectedly even deleted by someone.
At a glance, it was evident there was a connection between these two matters, but people who understood didn’t say anything in fear of causing trouble and provoking the hackers.
After this incident exploded, people naturally guessed that from now on, Xiao Ren would be afraid of offending anyone he shouldn’t.
So, who exactly did he offend? Today, apart from the earlier hot post, there didn’t seem to be anyone else concerned.
The victims of the hot post were Lin Tianlang and Lin Mumu. According to the hot discussion of the netizens, the following analysis was concluded:
“Lin Tianlang is a graduate student in religious studies, he’s a very mysterious person who can actually detect the authenticity of cultural artifacts. He can also expose fake fortune tellers on the street and make them cry at the end while shutting their shop.
Didn’t people say Lin Tianlang has learnt the way of the Dao and seen through the heavens, and his means are very mysterious?
This kind of person must certainly have mysterious means. It must be that Xiao Ren’s lowly acts angered Lin Tianlang and he retaliated by using this method to expose him.”
Lin Mumu knew for a fact that this had nothing to do with Lin Tianlang.
Don’t even talk about Lin Tianlang wasn’t aware of the matter when it happened, even if he did, their master was so strict that he would never allow him to use such high means to deal with ordinary people.
So, wouldn’t the more likely one to retaliate be her, Lin Mumu?
But since she hadn’t acted yet, could it be Yun Ting?
In the previous life, Yun Ting didn’t do this, but actually questioned her on the matter.
Lin Mumu logged into the QQ account Yun Ting helped her create in computer city when he installed the system on her laptop. Of course, the only friend she had added at the moment was also Yun Ting.
“Mumu, are you asleep?” Yun Ting had sent her a message.
“No, I was bullied today.” Lin Mumu spilled the beans about the day’s matter in a single long text.