Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 18.2 - Yun Ting’s Counterattack (Part 2)

Chapter 18 – Yun Ting’s Counterattack (Part 2)
Lin Mumu cheerfully took a few photos with her mobile phone.
Chen Fangya was naturally lively and deliberately dragged on Lin Tianlang’s sleeves. The photos looked very intimate, just like blood related siblings but also resembling sweethearts.
“Yi! That girl is not the earlier female student?”
“How is another woman in senior Lin’s arms?”
“The new students from the capital are really good and ferocious.”
While eating in the middle of the cafeteria, many people passed by their table and naturally recognized them as they had seen the forum post.
Lin Mumu quietly bowed her head eating.
Chen Fangya and Lin Tianlang also bowed their heads to eat quietly, they all had a tacit understanding, and no one said anything.
Chen Fangya purposely acted that way, and Lin Tianlang didn’t refuse, they were both using their own means to protect Lin Mumu.
Once they got back to the dormitory, Chen Fangya urgently prompted Lin Mumu to copy the photo onto her computer.
Lin Mumu leisurely opened her laptop, but when she logged in the university forum, she found out that the hot post was gone, and Beijing University’s forum was in chaos as the current hot post was about someone else.
A person with the id “Little Fish”, which deliberately published her photos, has been uncovered. It was a third-year male university student who specialized in photography.
His name was Xiao Ren, and he was well known for manipulating angles in his photos, and he had previously caused a lot of misunderstandings thanks to that.
This person was snugly hiding behind his computer and at the same time, he ruthlessly used his two other ids to often make disgusting rumors and gossip about people.
When this kind of scum was exposed, it immediately attracted a wave of criticism. After all, this “little fish” had also revealed in the first half of the school year that the campus belle Yao Feifei ‘kept company’ to people and slept around, which gave rise to many quarrels.
In the end, it was confirmed that the so-called indecent photos that he exposed were taken in scenes Yao Feifei played in a drama she was lucky to play in, and she was secretly photographed while shooting.
Moreover, there wasn’t much indecent content, at most an exposed shoulder and a kiss. But he took the photo and posted it along with all kinds of unbearable disgraceful descriptions.
This kind of person was a plague, and the most hateful thing was that he was actually collecting money for all he did!
The hacker that exposed today didn’t shy away and even Xiao Ren’s bank accounts details were all revealed. That scum had made a lot of money in several major events, especially when he posted the post about Yao Feifei and yesterday’s post about Lin Mumu which earned him huge sums.
To receive money by framing his own university’s female students, it’s no wonder this kind of person would be drowned in other people’s saliva! (idiom: to be openly criticized to death)