Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 20.1 - Seeking relationship with Xuemei! (Part 1)

Chapter 20 – Seeking relationship with Xuemei! (Part 1)
(TN: Xuemei means junior female classmate, and seeking relationship is a way to ask to date someone, as in romantic relationship.)
On the very first day of school, the ‘revealing sweethearts’ post created a wave of enthusiasm on the forum, but it quickly ensued a follow up post.
A person with the forum id “Xiao Nigu” (little Buddhist nun) sent a bunch of photos featuring Chen Fangya and Lin Tianlang in intimate closeness:
“I was lucky to get a photo with Senior Lin, so happy!! According to some of the forum’s logic, aren’t I the real girlfriend of Senior Lin? I personally have no problem! Don’t know if Senior Lin would recognize me?!”
Chen Fangya made a joke in a ‘making fun of herself’ style, and it was unexpectedly funny and well-received.
The post was instantly followed up by even more jokes.
“Xuemei, add oil!” (TN: Add oil is a kind of saying in slang and internet to cheer someone, like the Japanese ‘Fight!’)
“Girl, you sure think highly of yourself!”
“Capture him by force and never let him go!”
“I really wish I could take your place!”
Reading the post and the following comment, Lin Mumu felt a surge of warmth in her heart and warmly looked at Cheng Fangya.
Chen Fangya jokingly made a funny grimace in answer.
On a whim, Lin Mumu also registered herself on the forum with the id “Xiao Daogu” to make a pair with Chen Fangya and commented her post as well:
“Xiao Nigu, I support you, capture Senior Lin! If Senior Lin and I can get on the hot thread just by walking together, with such intimate photos of you and Senior Lin posing and having dinner, it can only mean you must be sweethearts!”
Unfortunately, just as Lin Mumu emerged in the comment section, her screen was flooded with all kinds of “seeking relationship with Xuemei!” requests from boys desiring to date her.
Thanks to Xiao Ren, the photos were so well-taken, Lin Mumu appeared so lovely and pure that her beauty was raised a few notches.
Although Lin Mumu didn’t have the alluring looks of the school flower, she did have the pure and lovely appearance of the younger sister next door, which was much more suited for a girlfriend than those kinds of dazzling looks.
What a good thing …
The ‘closely following the matter’ major general Yun Ting felt extremely concerned about the enthusiastic reactions of this bunch of youngsters. He hated he couldn’t immediately call out all of these bastards to teach them a lesson!
Why did everyone want to chase his wife!