Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 23.1 - Another examination! (Part 1)

Chapter 23 – Another examination! (Part 1)
Beijing University paid close attention to efficiency, and the all of the freshmen’s registration only took a single day. The second day was officially started early in the morning to carry out the necessary to opening ceremony where the school leaders will hold all kinds of speech to welcome and motivate the students.
However, Lin Mumu didn’t expect that after her rebirth, everything would be different from what she remembered.
The school leader didn’t make any sermon or sensible speech but straightforwardly threw out a huge bomb:
“This year, we, Beijing University, will select the liberal arts, the science, and the engineering departments to participate in a two-day preparatory class review before the ‘Beginning of term examination’.
The science class will pas its examination the day after tomorrow, and the liberal arts will hold theirs just after.
When the time comes, we will class everyone according to their achievements in the organization and arrange them into the suitable majors (main field of study).
The best choices would be if you could join the liberal arts, science, or engineering departments.
Of course, we, in Beijing University, do not collect trash. If students can’t even be tested on the basic knowledge, the school will unhesitatingly dismiss them. ”
After the shocking announcement, the school anthem was played, but nobody actually listened to it.
That was too exaggerated!
The college entrance examination was already a difficult hurdle the students had to overcome in order to enroll into the higher educational system in China. After playing for the whole summer vacation, they immediately had to take another exam?
Test, test, test, is it the teachers’ sutras? (TN: a sutra or religious chanting, something you repeat piteously and full of belief in Buddhism.)
Anguishing the students must be their favorite pastime!
In the first place, to get admitted into the top Beijing University, they naturally had real knowledge, so they were confident in taking the test and passing it without any problem.
But the temptation of freely choosing one’s own major after a full year of preparatory classes for the liberal arts, the science and the engineering departments was simply too big.
At the end of the college entrance examination, they were still naïve and ignorant about the future. They also couldn’t tell their own likes and dislikes clearly, even so what they wanted to do in the future, so most students actually had their parents help them to make choices.
If one takes part in the preparatory class, the studying time will still be four years, but the student will have the opportunity to reconsider his previous choice and decide his fate. For the sake of winning a place in this preparatory class, most were willing to study until they dropped.