Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 23.2 - Another examination! (Part 2)

Chapter 23 – Another examination! (Part 2)
Of course, Lin Mumu was an exception.
In the first place, she got admitted into university through a connection thanks to her master and didn’t even take the college entrance examination, therefore, she wasn’t the least bit scared of being dismissed.
“I’m definitely not going for the preparatory class. I’m indeed the religious studies’ firm supporter.” The school leader was still speaking above the platform but Chen Fangya had already pulled Lin Mumu to mutter:
“Oh, by the way, Lin Mumu, the thing you told me yesterday couldn’t be true, could it?”
“Of course it’s true.” Lin Mumu had an inexplicable premonition, she was about 80% sure that in this time’s matter, someone was precisely targeting her.
Of course, there was also a preparatory class in her past life, but the candidates had been selected directly according to their college entrance examination results, and there was no re-examination for the whole school.
Afterall, there were really few students in Beijing University who could walk in through the back door. Lin Mumu was precisely one such person, and the one targeting her must also know that she had never been to school before.
(TN: walk in through the back door means use shortcuts and connections to get a position, a job or generally to get anything done with an advantage.)
Lin Mumu personally felt that she handled yesterday’s forum incident pretty beautifully, but it seemed like the culprit behind the scenes wasn’t satisfied as he decided to make another move. Of course, she also guessed who that person may be.
Afraid that in the whole Beijing, there were very few people who could make the upright Lin Jing and the principal to change their educational tactics.
It was said that Lin Jing and the principal of Beijing University were the students brought up under Professor Luo, and Professor Luo was also Yun Ting’s grandmother.
Lin Mumu was scheming and plotting in her mind, but her face didn’t betray a single emotion.
“Xiao Daogu, later, I’ll tutor you with Yuanyuan to make up for anything you don’t know.”
“En.” (TN: you must know this already, but this is a groan/sound of acknowledgment, like ‘Mhm’ or a quite ‘alright’.)
“I brought many high school textbooks, I can lend them to you later as well.”
“Hey! Why aren’t you nervous?”
“Is being nervous any useful?”
Hearing Lin Mumu’s reply, Chen Fangya was at her wit’s end.
Because of the stress of the upcoming examination, the class gathering in the afternoon was cancelled, and everyone immersed themselves into a nervous state of intense reviews and preparations.
Perhaps because of Lin Mumu’s situation, Chen Fangya, Liu Yuanyuan and An Xiaoqin from the same dormitory all brought out their high school textbooks to review together with to Lin Mumu.