Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 29.1 - Calling for help (Part 1)

Chapter 29 – Calling for help (Part 1)
Lin Mumu gave Chen Fangya a meaningful look, and Chen Fangya nodded.
They had a tacit understanding: stall him! Cannot let the slag male take An Xiaoqin away.
Afterwards, Chen Fangya wore a naïve smile as she listened to Duan Hailiang’s romantic love story with An Xiaoqin.
Lin Mumu quickly found An Xiaoqin’s phone in her handbag and dialed the most used number labeled “An Mingxuan”.
“I’m An Xiaoqin’s roommate, I saw you in her emergency contacts, who are you?” Lin Mumu directly asked straight to the point.
“I am Xiaoqin’s big brother! Are you Xiaoqin’s friend?” An Mingxuan knew that his sister’s character was a little aloof and reserved, so she wouldn’t casually give her phone to anyone. There must have been special circumstances and An Mingxuan begun to get nervous.
“An Xiaoqin got drunk and a man wearing a police uniform wants to pull her to the hotel. Quickly come over!”
“Where are you?” The man’s tone was full of nervousness and killing intent.
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There was no mistake, from these feelings, it could be seen he was really concerned about An Xiaoqin.
“We are at the entrance of Nandu Hotel, 300 meters away from the West Gate of Beijing University. Think of some way quickly, we are all female students and can’t stop him. He said that he is Xiaoqin’s boyfriend and is still wearing a police uniform.”
“Don’t hang up the phone, I will handle it immediately!”
“En.” Lin Mumu nodded and finally relaxed her tone in relief.
In fact, Lin Mumu also learned some martial arts since childhood at the Daoist temple. It would definitely be meaningless in front of a powerful expert like Yun Ting, but one Duan Hailiang couldn’t really take someone from Lin Mumu hands.
As long as she wished to, Lin Mumu could easily break his arm.
It’s just that she doesn’t want to handle it personally. The other person was wearing a police uniform. If he used his authority to arrest them, they could only cry while lacking the tears.
She was really afraid of unexpected events that might come her way.