Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 29.2 - Calling for help

Chapter 29 – Calling for help (Part 2)
Lin Mumu had only finished the call when Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan were reaching their limit.
When the man saw that Chen Fangya was playing him, he actually wanted to resort to force!
Liu Yuanyuan was really loyal, and no matter what, strongly held onto An Xiaoqin, refusing to let him take her away. Even when Duan Hailiang forcibly broke Liu Yuanyuan’s arm, she still refused to let go. Chen Fangya was also pushed to the side and fell on the ground.
It seemed that he would fight until the end to take her away.
Lin Mumu took the small bronze mirror in An Xiaoqin’s bag and threw it at him. It exactly landed on Duan Hailiang’s left eye.
Duan Hailiang felt it so painful he had to cover his eye for a while.
“Who?” Duan Hailiang also noticed Lin Mumu standing nearby, but he didn’t think much of her, and merely treated it as a little girl’s casual resistance, so he threatened:
“You’re attacking a policeman! Are you aware of the consequences? I can take care of my girlfriend by myself, and all of you should scram, or else I’ll bring you all to the station!”
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Duan Hailiang just finished his sentence when three patrolling policemen came over.
Chen Fangya quickly called out to them: “Police uncles, we are students of Beijing University. This person fond our roommate beautiful and wants to drag her to the hotel.”
“Brother Duan? What happened?” The three people obviously knew Duan Hailiang.
“This is a misunderstanding. These little girls are making trouble, Xiao Liu, you take them to the station to drink tea. I and your sister-in-law were slightly misunderstood. I can handle her myself.” (TN: Go to the police station to drink tea means to have a meeting with security agents, to be warned to behave “responsibly”.)
“It turned out to be sister-in-law.” Those people also knew An Xiaoqin. They laughed mischievously and pulled Liu Yuanyuan.
Liu Yuanyuan naturally refused to let go, but also took the opportunity to bite the arm of the thin high-ranking policeman named Xiao Liu.