Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 31.2 - Still wants to argue (Part 2)

Chapter 31 – Still wants to argue (Part 2)
Even An Mingxuan was a little flabbergasted, these little girls could actually make this thing into such a big matter.
Although he was also a member of the police system, at the moment, he hoped to make a fuss about the matter, and the bigger the better.
With the support of the school’s seniors, Lin Mumu did not talk much, she merely accompanied Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan while pitifully holding An Xiaoqin and crying miserably.
“Director, you’ve seen An Xiaoqin before, she’s the captain’s girlfriend and frequently came to visit him at the station, we didn’t have the ability to block his path.” Contrary to what one might expect, Xiao Liu was actually quite smart, and quickly stated the crucial point in a single sentence.
“An Xiaoqin is a self-respected girl with a clean body. She’s still a virgin which proves she wasn’t very fond of that person. Even if he was her boyfriend, he cannot just force people. This is attempted rape!” Lin Mumu was not willing to be outdone.
Chen Fangya argued even more strongly: “You’re spouting nonsense, An Xiaoqin said today that she broke up with her boyfriend.
Since they already broke up, why would he drag her into the hotel, what was he up to? What could he possibly say to an unconscious drunk young woman in a hotel room?
And when we stopped him from taking her, they didn’t only threaten us but also hit us. Look at Lin Mumu’s arm, the truncheon left a deep red mark. Yuanyuan’s arm is also bleeding. They simply wanted to snatch people! ”
At this point, An Mingxuan had already dragged over the beaten up Duan Hailiang, along with the hotel’s record and his phone recording, “He indeed booked a room at Nandu Hotel, and also has a motive for committing the crime.”
“Big Brother, listen to me, how could I dare bully Xiaoqin, she’s the eldest daughter of Anjia. I just wanted to give her a pleasant surprise and talk to her. If you guys don’t believe me you can go to the room I booked and check, there is a cake and a gift.”