Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 34.1 - Yun Ting’s bottom line (Part 1)

Chapter 34 – Yun Ting’s bottom line (Part 1)
In order to reassure Yun Ting, Lin Mumu didn’t hang up. Then, he heard the doctor say: “It’s a little swollen, but fortunately, the bone wasn’t broken. Just make sure to keep it protected the next two days and you mustn’t exert too much strength.” After that, Yun Ting finally felt relieved and hung up the phone.
But just after hanging up with Lin Mumu, Yun Ting immediately called Qiu Feng to understand today’s situation as he still hadn’t gotten his report.
Up till now, Qiu Feng was still a little excited: “Second brother, you didn’t see it, but second sister-in-law was really really smart. You can rest assured, it’s unlikely anything would happen, I’m also carefully keeping watch outside.
I didn’t expect the bastard to suddenly use his truncheon, if that kid Mingxuan hadn’t come, I would have personally come out to instantly teach him a lesson. They were indeed bastards, I didn’t expect them to act in such and undisciplined and out of control way regardless of the law and morals.”
“The one who used his truncheon, try to drag him out earlier, I will go back and handle him personally.” On the call with Lin Mumu a while ago, Yun Ting tried to press down his feelings as much as possible. Now that his vicious temper was completely released, it was really dreadful.
“Second brother, isn’t it just a little punk, is it worthwhile for you to do the job personally?” Qiu Feng was a little anxious: “Let third brother pay a few people to handle him properly and make him unable to walk in a straight line ever again a hurry, alright?”
“No one can move Lin Mumu, this is my bottom line.”
“You’re my second brother, I’ll listen to you.” Fourth master Qiu solemnly nodded.
“Pay attention to An Mingxuan.” Yun Ting suddenly said another sentence.
“An Mingxuan’s younger sister is sister-in-law’s roommate. Sister-in-law really played the role of the hero saving the beauty, right?”
Qiu Feng barely said a few words when he suddenly realized what his family’s second brother meant by ‘pay attention’ What else could it mean? He lightly chuckled and said:
“Second brother, you can be at ease, An Mingxuan is a complete ice cube, not at all interested in women. I heard my younger brother say that An Mingxuan may be more interested in men, especially that Lin Tianlang. The two are especially close.”