Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 34.2 - Yun Ting’s bottom line (Part 2)

Chapter 34 – Yun Ting’s bottom line (Part 2)
“He’s not as simple as you think.” Yun Ting however didn’t say more.
In his past life, Lin Mumu only met An Mingxuan six years later, and was almost abducted by him at that time. I didn’t expect they would meet ahead of time in this life.
Before he even had time to hold his little wife to warm up to him, he already had to guard against his love rivals. What the heck was this!
After Lin Mumu’s wounds were treated, she and Cheng Fangya stayed at the school hospital to wait for An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan to be treated as well. It was already one o’clock in the morning.
Both An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan needed to be hospitalized for a day. Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya were too lazy to go back and forth, so they just spent the night together in the school hospital ward.
There was An Mingxuan, a strong special police force with an intimidating military aura, guarding outside the door, so they slept at peace of mind.
When An Mingxuan was certain An Xiaoqin was okay, he took the initiative on the next morning to buy the girls breakfast, and then left after paying for their medical expenses.
An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan’s injuries were all frightening, and they didn’t have a good night’s sleep. Lin Mumu’s right arm also felt very painful because of the hit she received and she didn’t rest properly.
Regarding the police interrogation, they were more worried about Lin Mumu’s exam, and finally Liu Yuanyuan and An Xiaoqin decided to go together.
They could say all that happened, and Lin Mumu wasn’t the least bit worried. Yesterday, she didn’t hang up the phone, so as long as An Mingxuan wasn’t stupid, he should use the recording.
The recording, the knockout drugs and hospital examinations of the school were all solid certificates and constituted strong evidence. Duan Hailiang definitely can’t run away from the charge of attempted rape.
Lin Mumu took the opportunity to slip to the religious studies building to pay respects an greet her master, and conveniently freeload a little of his acupuncture skills.
The Daoist priest was truly and eccentric person, the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes, Feng Shui geomancy, Qi yellow acupuncture, and whatsoever east and west thing mentioned in ancient culture, he was unlikely to be ignorant of it!