Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 35.2 - Not allowed to be bullied (Part 2)

Chapter 35 – Not allowed to be bullied (Part 2)
Lin Tianlang was indeed really good at cultivation, and didn’t get angry in the least. If it had been Lin Mumu, afraid she would have made a huge ruckus with the unreasonable old guy.
Professor Lin angrily ranted and lectured for a while, then he sat down and drank a cup of tea, and instantly changed his behavior to turn back into that quiet, refined, and wise immortal Daoist pries. He calmly said:
“Lin Mumu, at the moment, do you blame master for not giving you any money?”
“Not at all, ah, my husband is wealthy. Many thanks to master’s good insight, helping me pick up a golden thigh to hold on.” At the San Qing temple, Lin Mumu was long used to the old guy’s quick changing temperaments, turning from a ranting old guy to a refined immortal in minutes.
Fortunately, Professor Lin was very skilled at controlling his emotions and could stabilize the tea cup that he almost dropped from his hands.
He looks at Lin Mumu seriously and proceeded with the subject as if he didn’t hear whatever outrageous thing she said: “Properly take your exam tomorrow and get a good result. If you do, you’ll be able to apply for a scholarship, there will be at least enough money for the tuition fee.”
Your senior brother will also help you look for part-time jobs while studying, let him guide you properly later, alright?” Professor Lin appeared to be calmly drinking his tea with an unconcerned expression, but in fact, his ears were completely alert and eagerly waiting for Lin Mumu’s reaction.
Lin Tianlang immediately said: “It’s not anything too demanding, our religious studies building has planted a few valuable flowers and plants, the master is afraid the school’s personnel is unlikely to carefully tend to them.
I heard that junior sister used to raise flowers at the temple. Letting you taking care of the plants and raising the flowers could be considered as your part-time job, and will let you earn 600 yuan per month as allowance.”
What a stingy Daoist priest, using a little girl for free labor, and merely giving out 600 yuan?
The old fellow is unlikely to be fond of raising flowers, but he’s more likely to like collecting expensive and rare plants. Besides Lin Mumu, it is estimated that no one could possibly support him.
With Lin Mumu’s social status, forget about 600, she could get 6000 whenever she asked for it.
However, Professor Lin was her master, and she had no close relatives besides him, so it didn’t matter if Lin Mumu supported his hobby or raising expensive flowers, the old guy especially hated losing face.