Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 36.1 - Bargaining (Part 1)

Chapter 36 – Bargaining (Part 1)
Lin Mumu’s pupils turned, she bit her lip and said in a ‘feeling embarrassed’ way: “Senior brother Lin, you also know I came from a Daoist temple. I have to spend a lot of time on my studies to make up for my shortcomings. Moreover, Yun Ting gave me a lot of money, so I don’t lack it. If I work part-time, it would be a great waste of time, so just forget about it.”
(TN: Pupils turning is generally a sign of people thinking, scheming, or coming up with mischievous ideas.)
Lin Tianlang was completely unaware of how this day’s chat would proceed. Your lack of money is not the main point, the key point is that the master is missing you! The problem now is that beside Lin Mumu, other people can’t raise them properly.
When Professor Lin heard that Lin Mumu was coming, he eagerly went to look for a bunch or rare flowers and plants to bring them back. At that time, Lin Tianlang thought that the master went insane. Buying a bunch of random things and leave them unattended, wasn’t it waiting for them to die?
Who would have thought the old man would mysteriously answer: I have a magic weapon.
(TN: in this context, magic weapon has a connotation to Daoism, like an effective talisman.)
Right, his living magic weapon was called Lin Mumu.
And now, his beloved magic weapon has gone on strike.
“You’re using a man’s money! Don’t you feel ashamed?” Professor Lin instantly shouted in anger. How could he tolerate having the soft and tender magic weapon he raised until 18 years old to suddenly turn its head for a man and be snatched away!
“Yun Ting said we are husband and wife, so we should mutually assist each other. The husband’s money should be given to his wife and children, this was said a lot when I watched TV.
If master feels it’s inappropriate, at worst, I can go to Yun Ting’s courtyard house to help him look after the flowers and plants there. This way, it should be considered as honestly earning my income, right?”
Lin Mumu wasn’t the least ashamed, since she naturally decided to follow one man for a lifetime, what importance did other people have?
“Yun Ting, Yun Ting, Yun Ting!” The old Daoist priest finally understood what it felt like to dig a pit for someone and finally bury himself in it.
However, Lin Mumu was in an extremely good mood. She was sitting beside Professor Lin, and in a behaved manner, quietly drank her cup of tea.
Lin Tianlang was a little unclear of the situation. Didn’t Lin Mumu just say that she would be busy with schoolwork, how could she go?