Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 37.1 - I’m also fond of being a dog owner (Part 1)

Chapter 37 – I’m also fond of being a dog owner (Part 1)
When Lin Mumu finished watering the plants, she hummed a popular song as she started heading back. However, someone stopped her halfway there.
“Should I call you second sister-in-law, or do I still call you Lin Mumu?” Yun Ruoshan wore a long white skirt made of pure silk and looked haughtily at Lin Mumu. Her voice was cold and stiff, and there was no longer any tender or gentle and lovely feeling to it. Anyway, there was only Lin Mumu around at the moment, so she was too lazy to pretend.
“Call me Lin Mumu. Anyway, I also have no plans of recognizing you as a younger sister.” Lin Mumu directly spoke her mind.
“Lin Mumu, I heard that you grew up in the mountains from childhood and didn’t go to school, what should be done about tomorrow’s exam? Should I accompany you to seek the principal?” Yun Ruoshan sneered.
“I don’t need you to take care of it, just manage your dog to make sure it walks in a straight line.” Lin Mumu snappily retorted while glancing at Yun Ruoshan. She took a few steps closer to her while saying:
“I not only like the man who owns the dog, but I’m also fond of being a dog owner.”
Yun Ruoshan was stunned for a moment until she felt a burst of pain in her right arm. Lin Mumu then abruptly stepped away from her and left.
Before she could react, Lin Mumu had already walked off, leaving her behind.
Lin Mumu’s movement was not only extremely fast but also very natural. From a third party’s perspective, it looked like Lin Mumu just lightly knocked her shoulder against Yun Ruoshan who was blocking her way and softly bumped into her. It seemed as natural as a someone bumping into another person on a path.
If Yun Ruoshan said that Lin Mumu had dislocated her arm, no one would believe it. Even if the entire process was recorded, no problem could be detected with Lin Mumu’s behavior.
Lin Mumu had just strictly received the master’s teachings: not allowed to be bullied! Implicitly: bullying others is allowed.
Yun Ruoshan wept while running to the school hospital to have her bones repositioned. She also didn’t forget to call Yun Ting to complain.
Who would have thought that Yun Ting would only tell her shortly: “If you know that Lin Mumu doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t appear in front of her.”
Aytise’s corner: Well, I feel like there’s a discrepancy here, because when Yun Ting brought back Lin Mumu from the Hainan island in the car, she clearly blocked Yun Ruoshan’s number in his phone. Perhaps she changed phone or number, let’s wait and see..
Also, Lin Mumu says she better control her dog, but the underlying meaning is she beter control herself, and the dog owner is obviously Yun Ting whom she follows like a puppy X)