Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 40.1 - Who ranked first? (Part 1)

Chapter 40 – Who ranked first? (Part 1)
Su Xinlan and An Xiaoqin looked at each other and it seemed as if electrical sparkles could appear anytime. The former coldly swept her eyes over An Xiaoqin and said: “Being the top scorer isn’t very amazing, but it’s still better than being some woman with big boobs and no brains, and besides her appearance, not a single good point could be found.”
“Who are you talking about? I, An Xiaoqin, got into Beijing University, and uprightly earned my place here. My entrance examination score was so high I was ranked 13th in my specialized field, what do I have to be ashamed of? I’m proud of my large chest, but could it be that you, as an airplane landing runway, are extremely jealous?” (TN: You must have understood, she’s calling her flat chested XD)
Tsk, this is hot. (TN: Tsk is the English version, Chinese say ‘zézé’ for clicking tongue sound effect.)
After An Xiaoqin straightened her back and puffed out her chest, her large breast surged forward with great momentum, and it was indeed a magnificent sight.
Su Xinlan was so angered by her she couldn’t speak anymore. What she hated the most was to be called a landing runway by other female classmates.
Yun Ruoshan mediated from the side, but cleverly drew the topic to Lin Mumu: “I heard that some people actually got into Beijing University through connections, without ever touching the high school textbooks.”
“You better shut your mouth, or believe it or not, I will tear you down right now!” An Xiaoqin was thoroughly infuriated. People could still try to bully her, but bullying Lin Mumu was absolutely not allowed!
Although Lin Mumu said that An Xiaoqin’s matter wouldn’t be mentioned anymore in the future, Lin Mumu still was a big help to her. If she hadn’t said anything, she would still be kept in the dark by the slag man, and blindly providing that bastard with money to sleep around and entertain other women.
“Alright, stop bothering with senseless people, don’t lower yourself to their level. Let’s go out to celebrate, ok? I just found a part-time job the day before yesterday, so I’ll be the one treating you guys this time.” Lin Mumu unconcernedly started pulling An Xiaoqin away.
“Lin Mumu, you’re too good tempered.” An Xiaoqin looked at Lin Mumu in a disappointed manner, as if there was anything to be done about it.
“That’s right, ah, Lin Mumu, some people are just like that, the more face you give, the more shameless they become, you can’t let them climb over your head.” Chen Fangya also spoke in Lin Mumu’s stead.
Lin Mumu laughed but she didn’t speak. She didn’t need to get angry because her grades will eventually take her place in ruthlessly trampling on Yun Ruoshan’s face. She still had this much confidence.