Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 43.1 - Why? Jealous? (Part 1)

Chapter 43 – Why? Jealous? (Part 1)
An Mingxuan glanced at Lin Mumu’s leaving back. When she answered the phone just now, her voice was very sweet and seductive, different from usual. The person on the phone could actually make her voice change in such a way.
An Mingxuan continued sending back Chen Fangya and the others, and casually asked: “Is Lin Mumu in intimate terms with Lin Tianlang?”
“Why? Jealous?” Chen Fangya teased him: “You can rest at ease, our family’s Mumu already has a boyfriend. She’s unlikely to bring harm your Lin Tianlang.”
“…” Goodness, hadn’t he already explained he and Lin Tianlang were just friends?
“Mumu’s boyfriend is very handsome. His eyes are very cold, but he’s extremely fond of Mumu. He personally came on the first day of school to send Lin Mumu to report, and brought her a lot of snacks.” Chen Fangya was the kind of person that couldn’t hide anything.
“Oh? Is he also a student at Beijing University?” An Mingxuan was stunned. He clearly recalled Lin Tianlang saying this was the first time his junior sister left the mountain.
“He shouldn’t be, or else she wouldn’t be calling him every day. But Mumu is such a lovely girl and hardworking student, if I was a man, I’d also chase her.”
“En, makes sense.”

Lin Mumu didn’t know what to say to Yun Ting. The moment she heard his voice on the phone, she instantly felt relieved, and wanted to share every little of her life with him.
Yun Ting was very patient, and didn’t seem to be annoyed at all. He would even occasionally ask her about a few things.
For example, Yun Ting asked her: “You’ve just had an accident not long ago, yet, you dare to go out to have dinner this quickly?”
“It’s alright, An Mingxuan sent us back.”
It’s An Mingxuan again! And listening to Lin Mumu’s tone, she seems to have quite the good impression of him.
Yun Ting was both helpless and remorseful. Lin Mumu was only 18 years old, and the first time she came into the outside world and suffered grievances, he couldn’t accompany her and protect her. He could only comfort her on the phone.
He also knew his recent behavior was a little annoying, but he constantly thought of Lin Mumu and wanted to call her whenever he had the time.
Fortunately, at the moment, the mission was still military practice and relatively relaxed. The formal military training hadn’t started yet, so Yun Ting wasn’t too busy.