Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 43.2 - Why? Jealous? (Part 2)

Chapter 43 – Why? Jealous? (Part 2)
Yun Ting still tried hard to restrain, and did not tell her another surprise.
When she arrived at the bamboo building, Lin Mumu was in such a good mood she was happily humming and playing with the flowers. No matter how expensive they were, in Lin Mumu’s hands, they were the same as babies she cared for. She made sure they wouldn’t suffer from insects and wouldn’t wilt, and didn’t allow them to throw tantrums. The flowers also seemed as if they were competing to bloom in order to please Lin Mumu.
“Mumu, since you like orchids, master got you a few more pots. They’re all in the yard. Remember to also take a look at them.” Professor Lin’s voice suddenly sounded from the second floor.
“Alright.” Lin Mumu responded with a grumpy voice and muttered to herself: “The old guy sure knows how to squeeze his disciples’ value to the last drop. What wise immortal, he’s more like the typical capitalist who eats people without spitting the bones.” (TN: Idiom meaning indiscriminately using people to the fullest possible.)
No matter how small her voice was, it couldn’t escape the ears of Professor Lin and Lin Tianlang, who were both Taoists practiced in martial arts.
Lin Tianlang could only pretend not to hear
However, Professor Lin appeared to be very complacent and pleased with himself: “Your junior sister is cute, many times more adorable than you this closed gourd.”
(TN: Closed gourd means taciturn person, mysterious and enigmatic.)
“…” If Lin Tianlang dared mock him, this respectable old man would definitely let him know what disciples are made of.
Professor Lin’s flower business was a really profitable transaction. He first selected half-dead and wilting plant, and then brought them back to make Lin Mumu take care of them and bring them back to their peaks. Spending little and earning a lot, what a good deal. ~~~
But Professor Lin’s vision was also very good. The flowers he picked were mainly orchids which have been popular in the recent years, and there were also some precious flowers and plants with auspicious meanings. In a word, none of those pots were ordinary, moreover, they were all large in size.
Only Lin Mumu could react that calmly, other people would immediately turn crazy in front of so many expensive goods.
Lin Mumu tended to the flowers and plants while humming a little song, like she used to do at the San Qing temple.
She was an orphan, so her world wasn’t that big. When she was a child, home was where her master was. But now that she was married, home would be the place where Yun Ting was.