Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 45.1 - Very Satisfied (Part 1)

Chapter 45 – Very Satisfied (Part 1)
“I want to take you as my master, ah.” The old man suddenly spoke and scared Lin Mumu so much she didn’t speak anymore. (TN: He actually says ‘I want to worship you as my master’, which means to pay respects as a junior and accept her as his teacher.)
He was an old man who had participated in many foreign wars, and could kill people with his merits alone. Even if he had retreated from his position, he still had his military strong and intimidating aura. Lin Mumu didn’t dare accept him as her disciple even if she ate a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gall. If she accepted him, wouldn’t she be punished by copying ‘The Principles of Taoism’ 3000 times?
(TN: The idiom ‘to eat bear heart and leopard gall’ means to pluck up some courage. Also, ‘The Principles of Taoism’ is actually referred to as a well-known book tittle, in which you could find reflections like ‘those who understand others are clever, but those who know themselves are truly wise’.)
Most importantly, he was Yun Ting’s grandfather!
“Why, do you think I’m too old and useless?” Old general Yun childishly threw a tantrum.
It was said that the elderly needed to be coaxed, so Lin Mumu could only helplessly say: “I came down from a Taoist temple in the San Qing mountains. We have strict rules and regulations, and we can’t casually accept disciples.
Perhaps I could introduce you to my master first to see if he can accept you as a disciple?”
“Never mind, it’s alright.” The old man quickly waved his hand in refusal. How could he become a disciple? That would be a big loss of face. He was merely teasing Lin Mumu.
“If you want to learn how to grow flowers, I will call you again next time.”
“Good, you must call me, ah. I’ll let my grandson give you my tuition fee.”
“En.” Lin Mumu nodded and continued to cheerfully busying around the garden. She said: “Your grandson has already paid your tuition fee and left a card with me.”
The old man and the little girl kept busying themselves in the garden for two hours since the afternoon. Lin Mumu saw fresh vegetables in the refrigerator, so she cooked two small dishes and went back to school after eating dinner with the old man.
When Lin Mumu’s foot had barely left the estate, Old general Yun’s voice sounded out: “I’m very satisfied with my granddaughter-in-law. You can rest assured, Grandpa will support you.”