Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 47.1 - Xiao Nigu and Xiao Heshang (Part 1)

Chapter 47 – Xiao Nigu and Xiao Heshang (Part 1)
(TN: Title means: Little Buddhist nun and little Buddhist monk.)
“My name is Zhou Qiang, and I’m majoring in Buddhist studies. I’m not a monk.” The tall boy took special care of Chen Fangya.
“I’m not a nun either! I know you, Zhou Qiang from Shanghai, my sister told me you were a genius.”
“En, if you have any difficulties in the future, just let me know, all of us would be glad to help.”
“I absolutely need to show off to Lin Mumu once I go back go back.” Chen Fangya smiled with bent eyebrows in a very good mood. Her short hair and rounded face looked especially lovely.
“Show off about what?” Lin Mumu was pushing the door to come inside the class and just happened to hear her sentence.
“How come you’re back?” Chen Fangya excitedly pulled over Lin Mumu as if she was protecting her from the surrounding people, not even letting them see her face.
“I originally major in religious studies. Where am I supposed to go if not here?”
“But, weren’t you admitted into the preparatory class?”
“The school didn’t specify whether you must attend it or not. I went to say hello and came back.” Lin Mumu’s expression was very earnest, but she didn’t mention how she made Su Xinlan thoroughly lose face.
“En, that’s right, you’re destined to accompany me as a Xiao Daogu.”
Lin Mumu was Professor Lin’s disciple, how could he let her study under other professors? If she doesn’t go to the religious studies department, where else was she supposed to go?
“Welcome back, classmate Lin Mumu.” Several boys also expressed their goodwill to her, but Lin Mumu looked much prettier and girly than Chen Fangya, so they were a bit embarrassed and couldn’t act too casual.
Chen Fangya excitedly hugged Lin Mumu and proudly bragged: “You’re late, they’ve already chosen me as the class monitor.”
“Does classmate Lin Mumu want to be the class secretary?” Someone kindly suggested.
“Forget it. I just came out of the mountains and still don’t understand much about the outside world. Also, I’ve just gotten myself a part-time job.” Lin Mumu politely refused, and the boys didn’t insist anymore.