Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 47.2 - Xiao Nigu and Xiao Heshang (Part 2

Chapter 47 – Xiao Nigu and Xiao Heshang (Part 2)
Lin Mumu knew that being part of the class committee in university was very important. In the future, that could add a lot of positive points when looking for employment. Because they wanted to take good care of the girls, they already gave the class monito position to Chen Fangya. If Lin Mumu also grabbed the class secretary position, it would be a bit unreasonable.
“All right then.” After selecting the class committee and organizing the class activities, Chen Fangya and Zhou Qiang are basically busy together. The class secretary role ended up accidently falling on Zhou Qiang.
Looking at their harmonious bickering, Lin Mumu’s thoughts inexplicably returned to the last life.
Zhou Qiang had always liked Chen Fangya, but she couldn’t see the people in front of her, and instead kept thinking about that hypocritical man with rose tinted glasses.
While Chen Fangya is still not deep in the mud, Lin Mumu hoped she could still have the opportunity to help her jump out of it in this lifetime.
Lin Tianlang had been watching the several students organizing themselves. He was like a quiet statue and rarely spoke a word.
The class they were meeting in was on the first floor of the religious studies department’s main building. Before entering, Lin Tianlang specifically warned them: “No plant in the main building can be touched casually, otherwise, the consequences will be very serious.”
The students were very responsible. Once they were warned by Lin Tianlang, they naturally treated those potted plants as treasures. They took a few group photos from a distance, but no one dared to play around with them.
“Professor Lin will come over later to give us a lecture, the everyone will go back to their dorms and make some preparations. The military training will be starting tomorrow.”
“It’s so hot right now! Brother Lin, can military training be postponed for a few months? We’ll be burnt into crisps under this sun!’
“If you have the ability, go tell that to the principal. ”
“…… ” Of course he didn’t have the ability, he was merely making a complaint!
“By the way, this military training won’t take place in Beijing University. You will be sent to a camp in the Beijing Military Region for training. You should go back and prepare some daily necessities. In the afternoon, some soldiers will come over to distribute a few things to you. Chen Fangya, you’re responsible of following up on this matter. ”
Aytise’s corner: I see military training, could it be Mumu will finally be reunited with hubby?! Hopefully she’ll be badass enough to give him a lot of face in front of fellow soldiers XD
Also, I loved how Lin Tianlang especially warned the students about the plants. I couldn’t help but do a mini theater about it!
Little theater: by Aytise
Lin Tianlang: Master, I’m off to the first meeting of the religious studies department’s freshmen.
Pr Lin: En.
Lin Tianlang: Is there anything I should take note of?
Pr Lin leisurely drank a sip of tea. his whole aura seemed especially peaceful and in harmony with his surroundings. He calmly answered in a wise and admonishing tone:
Pr Lin: Go learn on your own. The foundation of the path to knowledge is built by oneself. I can’t possibly teach you every single thing.
Lin Tianlang carefully thought over the sentence he just heard and felt his master made sense. He respectfully nodded:
Lin Tianlang: Yes master.
Lin Tianlang had barely taken two steps outside the room when Pr Lin suddenly lowered his tea cup and asked him:
Pr Lin: Where did you say the student were meeting again?”
Lin Tianlang: On the main building’s first floor.
Pr Lin instantly lost his composure and his wise priest’s calm aura completely crumbled as he cursed like a little old man in the vegetable market:
Pr lin: Don’t forget to tell those little brats they better not trifle with my money tree- ehem, my potted plants! If anyone harms any of my treasures, I’ll teach him a good lesson!
Lin Tianlang: …
Master, didn’t you just say you had nothing to tell me, and that I should build my own path towards knowledge? Why do I need to take special attention to warn them about not harming your business?
Lin Tianlang helplessly left the tea room away while thinking of how to rephrase his master’s warning in a way that wouldn’t make him sound like an old money grubber.