Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 49.1 - The university is bustling with the freshmen’s departure (Part 1)

Chapter 49 – The university is bustling with the freshmen’s departure (Part 1)
At five in the morning, the silence of the quiet campus was broken by a series of loud trumpets.
Lin Mumu already had the habit of waking up early. She first ran to the bamboo building to take a look at how the flowers were doing, and by the time she got back to the dorms, she found several of soldiers ready to barge in like a group of bandits. They were fiercely knocking on the door of each room, and didn’t even let off the girls.
“We’ll give you ten minutes to dress. If you’re not out by then, we’ll break in!”
Shoot! Was our campus hijacked and kept as hostage?
thinking of being intruded upon on their own rooms, everyone was so afraid they quickly started busying themselves during the 10 minutes allocated.
“After the 10 minutes, everyone is to assemble by the school gate. If you arrive late, you won’t have a seat in the cars and will have to run until the destination!”
Sure enough, they were threatening them, weren’t they?
Lin Mumu went upstairs and quickly changed into camouflage clothing and took the bag she had packed previously. The whole process took her only one and a half minute. The rest of the time was used on dragging along the sleepy An Xiaoqin and Chen Fangya along Liu Yuanyuan to the gate in order to assemble.
Fortunately, the whole campus was in a state of chickens flying and dogs jumping, and the new students cut a sorry figure as the older ones cheerfully watched the show while taking joy in other people’s calamity.
(TN: to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster: to rejoice in other people’s misfortune / Schadenfreude.)
“Alright, here’s how it will work. The monitor of each class will count his team’s students’ number and get on the bus. Whichever team assembles earlier and gets her whole number of people gets on the bus first, and so on.”
Chen Fangya still looked like a dead dog a moment ago and was continuously complaining about how she wanted to sleep longer. However, when she heard ‘class monitor’, she instantly became energetic again and quickly gathered the 12 people of the religious studies department in high spirits and great enthusiasm. Their group ended up being the first one to gloriously get on the bus.
“Class monitor, awesome!” Zhou Qiang brightly praised her.
“Of course, who do you think I am?” Chen Fangya’s face was brimming with pride. (TN: She said it as in ‘you shouldn’t expect any less from the great me’.)
Who was complaining about wanting to sleep longer just a moment ago?
Military vehicles weren’t the least bit comfortable. They were basically big open-topped trucks crowded with people who tightly sat next to each other. There were no such things as chairs, they basically sat directly on the truck’s floor. Anyway, the camouflage clothes were dirt-resistant, and the young people were having lively chats in a mood bustling with noise and excitement.
At the moment when the sun rose in the sky, a bright rose-tinted morning glow swept their environment and greatly contrasted with the rigid shapes and dark colored military vehicles.
Lin Mumu quietly sat down to enjoy the morning sunrise and the peaceful feeling it brought to her mind. She entered a kind of meditating state in which she felt both the quietness of the morning and the bustling of the students and the soldiers.
Lin Mumu was especially fond of this kind or feeling.
In her past life, the military training of the freshmen of Beijing University was held in the school, and the military instructors were invited over and asked to cooperate.
This year, contrary to expectations, was an exception. They were unexpectedly all sent to the military camps, which is also considered a way to raise the devotement of the university students in their country of China.