Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 52.1 - Yun Ting came. (Part 1)

Chapter 52 – Yun Ting came. (Part 1)
Lin Mumu slightly leaned her body and wanted to dodge the coming kick, but because she’s been standing still for a long time, her legs couldn’t muster enough strength, and she was also starting to get cramps because of her period, so she could only hold her stomach as she at the aside.
“Lin Mumu, Lin Mumu!” Chen Fangya let out a heartbreaking shout.
Yet, that instructor didn’t stop, and instead wanted to land another kick on Lin Mumu, but this time, he was targeting her face.
“Have you gone mad?!” A familiar voice suddenly sounded, and a big hand shielded Lin Mumu.
Just hearing his voice, Lin Mumu instantly felt wronged and aggrieved. She dazedly looked at the man approaching her. She kept staring as she saw his face growing closer and closer until it was completely reflected in her pupils. She abruptly felt so dizzy she fainted.
If it had been someone else, she wouldn’t faint. She would stubbornly stay awake in order to protect herself. But that face belonged to the person she trusted the most and knew the best – Yun Ting.
Yun Ting came. She had accumulated a lot of effort and was already tired, now she could finally rest at ease.
“Blood! Lin Mumu is bleeding! Your barracks are treating human life as grass! ” Chen Fangya held Lin Mumu in her arms and started shouting loudly when her hands turned bloody after touching Lin Mumu’s body.
(TN: the idiom means to kill people like scything grass, usually a politician/king acting with total disregard for the life of his countrymen.)
Wang Chong was also shocked, his leg didn’t even touch the girl, how could there be blood.
Although An Xiaoqin understood what was going on, she didn’t intend on explaining. She pulled over Liu Yuanyuan and Chen Fangya to cry together loudly.
“The instructor committed murder, and Lin Mumu is covered in blood!”
Their loud crying quickly attracted even more students. It was hard to say anything about the matter of punishment, however, when the girl was beaten until she was bloody all over, it instantly violated the students’ bottom line. Instructor Wang Chong immediately became the target of a multitude of arrows. (TN: public criticism.)