Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 53.1 - Picking her up and carrying her away (Part 1)

Chapter 53 – Picking her up and carrying her away (Part 1)
Chen Fangya suddenly had a flash of realization: “I know why he seemed so familiar, I remember now!”
Originally, she did not recognize Yun Ting because on the day he came to send Lin Mumu to school, he had a completely different air around him, seemingly relaxed and somewhat gentle. But today, he was wearing the formal military training suit, and his temperament was completely different.
When Yun Ting saw Wang Chong about to strike Lin Mumu, a violent current instantly immerged in his heart. He didn’t beat him to death on the spot because he had made many contributions to the army.
But Wang Chong had always been a straightforward and honest soldier, so why would he do this? For what reason would he insist on targeting Lin Mumu?
Yun Ting believed that according to Wang Chong’s character, he wouldn’t be one to purposely make it hard for someone, especially not female students. So, what was the meaning of his behavior today? Not only did he violate the soldiers’ bottom line, he went as far as intending to disable a student!
Moreover, Wang Chong had always worshipped Yun Ting, how could he suddenly specifically target his woman?
As far as this matter was concerned, he was afraid there more deeper schemes and ulterior motives involved.
At the moment, Yun Ting wasn’t in the mood to continue investigating the matter. Lin Mumu’s blood seemed to be flowing even more than before, so he was rushing to take her to the hospital first.
When he had walked half way there, Lin Mumu dazedly woke up, and the first thing that she saw were Yun Ting’s nervous eyes above her head.
“Yun Ting?”
“Sorry, I was late.”
“You weren’t, ah. Quickly put me down.” Lin Mumu uneasily stretched her body, and she could feel that she was badly sunburnt this time. Also, her period usually came especially violently, so she was afraid It must have already permeated through her pants. Lin Mumu couldn’t be sure if it would stain Yun Ting’s hands or not, It would be too embarrassing if that happened.
“Don’t make trouble. You’re heavily injured, I’ll take you to the hospital first.”