Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 53.2 - Picking her up and carrying her away (Part 2)

Chapter 53 – Picking her up and carrying her away (Part 2)
“It’s nothing. Put me down.” Lin Mumu’s expression was extremely helpless like a 囧. (TN : This Chinese character is often used as an emoticon signifying embarrassment, shock, helplessness.)
“It’s nothing to be bleeding this much?” Yun Ting forcefully suppressed the rage in his chest, but his voice was still noticeably a few notches colder.
“Yun Ting, put me down!” Lin Mumu kept incessantly struggling, and there was some anxiety in her voice.
“I know, this time was my fault, I wasn’t strict enough with my subordinates, now be obedient and stop making trouble.” Yun Ting tried to lower his voice to make it as soft and gentle as possible. It sounded half coaxing and half fawning.
Nevertheless, the little fellow kept on restlessly wriggling around in his embrace, and noisily cried to let her down.
As soon as she moved, warm blood would instantly flow out. When he felt the heat on his hands, he worriedly thought Lin Mumu’s wound had split open.
Without a second thought, Yun Ting anxiously pressed his lips on Lin Mumu’s in an urgent kiss.
Lin Mumu was so shocked with the abrupt kiss she whimpered for a while hitting his back. With her eyes wide open, she helplessly stared at Yun Ting’s familiar face and his anxious eyebrows. In the end, she simply accepted her fate and resignedly closed her eyes.
Who let his lips be so warm they seemed to moisten her sunburnt and cracked lips?
“Be obedient, let’s go to the hospital, alright?”
“Then you have to put me down first, I’m going to the toilet!”
Chen Fangya had been closely followed behind them from the beginning. She said somewhat awkwardly: “Lin Mumu shouldn’t have been injured, it’s just that thing that must have come.”
“What thing?” Yun Ting raised his eyebrow.
An Xiaoqin was now clear of what was going on. Young master Yun must be Lin Mumu’s rumored and mysterious boyfriend. Since he didn’t protect his woman and let her be tossed around like that by his subordinates, it served him right to misunderstand.
An Xiaoqin couldn’t help but take joy in his misfortune and mischievously reminded: “It’s her periods, ah. You military people are so inhumane, could it be women are also punished for having their periods? You should be careful or she won’t be able to give birth to a child later.”
Won’t be able to give birth to a child? Was it this serious?
This time, Yun Ting really panicked and instantly quickened his pace to walk faster.
Lin Mumu was blushing so badly she simply nestled herself against his chest to hide her face.
Yun Ting could only quickly take her to his tent to let her change her clothes. Liu Yuanyuan also turned back quickly to fetch Lin Mumu’s rucksack, which contained a change of clothes and toiletries she had prepared in advance.
“Young master Yun, don’t blame me for not reminding you that we, students of Beijing University, are now organizing a boycott of the military training. Oh, that’s right, I just gave a call to Professor Lin, Lin Mumu’s master, a moment ago. I heard that Professor Lin has very bad temper. You can do act as you see fit.” An Xiaoqin was somewhat upset. Looking Lin Mumu’s and Yun Ting’s stickiness, she thought her big brother was definitely going to be heartbroken.
(TN: she said stickiness as in how glutinous rice sticks together, how sweet and attached to each other they acted.)