Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 54.1 - The conflict may intensify (Part 1)

Chapter 54 – The conflict may intensify (Part 1)
Yun Ting just acted as if he didn’t hear her, and dotingly kissed Lin Mumu on her forehead: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer in vain.”
(TN: I won’t let you suffer in vain has other synonyms: won’t let you be wronged, won’t let you suffer grievances/losses.)
“I’m all right.” Lin Mumu shook her head. “Shall I go out and explain it properly?”
“Are you stupid?” An Xiaoqin hated her ‘not seeking justice’ attitude.
(TN: The exact meaning is more like her attitude of not contending with others/fighting them, not actively striving to harm others, not seeking to redress her grievance and asking for justice etc.)
“I barely hung up my big brother’s phone call. He came over to us and brought along his SWAT team’s members. We, Beijing University students, aren’t people that can be easily bullied.
In this time’s matter, I suspect that someone bribed that instructor to be purposely vicious with you. Wang Chong was a military instructor and he and Lin Mumu had never met before, so why would he be so ruthless with her?
An Xiaoqin had been immersed in these kinds of matters from her childhood and was very accustomed to them. Such poor means of hiring murderers would only work to bully young and ignorant students.
However, Lin Mumu was her, An Xiaoqin’s, good friend. Could she simply watch as she was being bullied? If this man couldn’t get Lin Mumu out of predicament and stick out for her, shouldn’t she just encourage her own big brother to strive to make more efforts?
Yun Ting didn’t feel at ease leaving Lin Mumu alone, so he left Chen Fangya behind to take care of her, and firmly instructed her to call on the phone him if anything happened. But he still wasn’t reassured enough, so he called over two soldiers to guard the entrance of the tent before leaving while burning with rage.
“Wow, Lin Mumu, your boyfriend is so handsome, ah, and so manly!” Chen Fangya had an starry eyed infatuated expression on her face.
“Yun Ting is my husband.” Lin Mumu emphasized again.
“I know, I know, you guys can hug at all times, kiss at all times, and act lovingly like a little pair of sweethearts.” Chen Fangya jokingly made fun of Lin Mumu.
“We are husband and wife, a legally married couple with a marriage certificate.” Lin Mumu corrected her with a deadly earnest expression. (TN: Also called deadpan face, deadly serious, solemnly, not joking.)
In front of Chen Fangya’s doubtful eyes, Lin Mumu nodded seriously.
“You unexpectedly got married this early?”
Lin Mumu continued to nod: “Anyway, we were going to get married sooner or later.”
“Well, if I was given such a handsome man, I would also marry.”
“Let’s go out to take a look.” Lin Mumu’s eyes turned as she was thinking. She was indeed a little afraid of the students of Beijing University making things difficult for Yun Ting.
After all, this matter was due to Wang Chong’s individual behavior. If the students make a scene, the conflict will easily intensify between them and the army, and it may result in bloodshed.