Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 55.1 - Wang Chong’s crippled Leg (Part 1)

Chapter 55 – Wang Chong’s crippled Leg (Part 1)
“Sister-in-law, don’t do that, ah, how could I dare bully you!” Xiao Du replied urgently. If he had to make a choice of who to let down between Yun Ting and Lin Mumu, he wouldn’t hesitate to choose Yun Ting.
Because in Yun Ting’s heart, Lin Mumu was even more important than himself. Wang Chong, that kid, was really done for. He didn’t bully anyone but precisely Yun Ge’s most cherished person.
As for how he would be dealt with, It was estimated that anyone who dared to touch a single hair of Lin Mumu’s would be thoroughly beaten into a dog by Yun Ting. (TN: into a sorry state.)
“Sister-in-law, where do you want to go? I definitely won’t stop you. However, I’m your guard, so can you still let me follow you?” Contrary to expectations, Xiao Du was very clever.
“En.” Lin Mumu nodded, and then, in front of Chen Fangya’s admiring gaze, headed towards the area that looked the most bustling and the noisiest in the crowd.
Beijing University’s students were really impressive. They spontaneously organized themselves and started making trouble with all their strength.
When the fraternal university China University learned of the incident, they instantly joined them to put up resistance. They were especially filled with indignation when they heard that the girl called Lin Mu Lin Mumu was beaten by an instructor and then rudely carried away and brought to a tent by another officer.
They were university students, and the reason they came was to get military training, not to be beaten and raped. Without safety and dignity, what military training would they still care about?
Today was a Lin Mumu, who would it be tomorrow?
It was said that soldiers couldn’t see women all year round. Who knows what kind of shameful things that officer might do after carrying Lin Mumu away like that?
They didn’t expect the barracks to be this filthy and dreadful. All the students could only unite together in order to protect their dignity.
At the present, the solemn and serious atmosphere of the barracks was completely gone, and all that was left was the young people’s shouting and tragic complaining.
The leaders of the military region were desperately trying to pacify the students about the matter, while the origin of the whole problem, Wang Chong, was already feeling tired and dizzy.
He was after all Yun Ting’s soldier. When the latter punished him by running laps, he must immediately set out to run at the fastest speed.
His also felt a stifling sensation in his chest. He always felt his conduct was correct. Yun Ting must have been brainwashed by that devilish beautiful woman’s black magic.