Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 56.1 - Realizing now is already too late (Part 1)

Chapter 56 – Realizing now is already too late (Part 1)
“I deserve it, I’m not even human! How could I be more stupid than a pig? Even if I die, I deserve it!”
After that, Wang Chong didn’t have the face to stay at the barracks’ hospital and rushed back to the camp. (TN: He was thoroughly ashamed.)
The current Wang Chong had a taste of what it felt like to be the rat crossing the street. (TN: idiom meaning sb detested by all and target of scorn.)
His heart was originally brimming with pride and arrogance. He was proud of being a soldier in training, working for the benefit of the people. He was even more proud of his character and moral conduct to be of high quality.
He also had meritorious service to the country and the people and was allowed to join the military’s special forces. He was merely waiting for winter before he could report to the special forces team.
But this time, he committed a single mistake that made all his former glory crumble apart and humiliated himself. Because of a poisonous woman, his future was completely destroyed.
At the moment, Wang Chong was also somewhat regretful that he was too impulsive and easily used, but who could he blame? Blame himself for wanting Yun Ting’s good favor? Or blame himself for not having a bottom line?
Recalling his insane behavior of bullying the little girl, he now realized he shouldn’t have acted that way regardless of the reason.
The only thing he was glad about right now was that the kick he aimed at her didn’t land on Lin Mumu as she dodged by falling to the ground. Otherwise, he would have really broken Lin Mumu’s leg with the strength he put in his kick. If that really happened, he would definitely regret it for a lifetime.
Now that he understood the situation, Wang Chong didn’t blame Lin Mumu anymore. After all, he seriously tried to break her leg, and she broke his leg in return. It was fair enough.
Wang Chong limped until he reached the crowd. When he passed by the students, they immediately recognized him and started throwing stones at him. He didn’t dodge and let the stones hit his body and his face.
It wasn’t until Wang Chong’s forehead was completely injured and his face thoroughly bloody that the students stopped, afraid they would really end up killing him.
“You still have the face to come back?!” Yun Ting angrily glowered at Wang Chong.
“Senior official, I want to talk to you alone.”
“If you have anything to say, speak here! However, don’t expect me to sympathize with you whatever you say after you have done such a disciplinary offence.”
“It’s Yun Ruoshan.” Wang Chong’s sight fell on Yun Ruoshan’s vague figure in the crowd.
“Come with me!” Yun Ting pushed Wang Chong aside.
Wang Chong wasn’t in a good condition, but he spoke calmly.
“Yun Ge, I don’t want to defend myself. I just want to tell you something. It’s Yun Ruoshan that took the name and photos of Lin Mumu and told me you were married. She said Lin Mumu was an old mistress clinging to your and asked me to sort her out.”