Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 57.1 - I’ll examine her myself (Part 1)

Chapter 57 – I’ll examine her myself (Part 1)
What puzzled the crowd the most was, why did Major General Yun stood up while holding the girl who fell on him, and horizontally carrying her away?
Everyone at the site was an adult. This action was too ambiguous, they couldn’t make sense of what they were seeing!
And it was especially the case for the boys of the religious studies department. When they saw their female classmate being bullied, they instantly took the lead in shouting at Yun Ting’s back:
“What are you trying to do? Quickly put the person down! “
Xiao Du quickly responded wittily by blocking the crowd and giving Yun Ting an excuse on the passing.
“Didn’t you see that girl was injured and was standing unstably? Our chief kindly took her to the hospital for treatment. What are you thinking of? The man from a moment ago is the commander of our whole army, would he still need to make things difficult for a little female student?
“He still shouldn’t hold her! He’s a man…”
“Otherwise what? Do you mean he should just drag her there?”
Well, he It seemed to make sense.
No, that’s wrong!
Chen Fangya knew Lin Mumu and Yun Ting’s relationship, so she could only laugh out loud and say: “What he said is reasonable. I’ll also go over to take a look, everyone else can just scatter, alright?”
Chen Fangya was too embarrassed to bluntly tell them that Lin Mumu wasn’t actually injured but merely having her period. Anyway, Wang Chong was seriously injured and needed first aid, they wouldn’t be able to pursue the previous matter anymore.
As far as this matter was concerned, they could only let it go like this.
Lin Mumu buried her head in Yun Ting’s embrace and greedily inhaled his fragrance. She didn’t struggle and quietly let him hold her. She didn’t care about what other people thought and said.
He was her husband. What was wrong with him holding her?
At that moment, Lin Mumu was really scared. She thought that the poisonous spider was going to bite Yun Ting’s neck, and that he would suddenly leave her.
Seemingly feeling the tension of Lin Mumu’s body and her nervousness, Yun Ting stretched out his hand and gently stroke her hair to comfort her.
While tightly hugging each other this way, they soon arrived to Yun Ting’s tent.
“Yun Ting, you promised to accompany me for a lifetime.” Lin Mumu’s voice sounded somewhat wronged and aggrieved.