Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 58.2 - Take them off for you (Part 2)

Chapter 58 – Take them off for you (Part 2)
But who would have thought that Yun Ting would suddenly speak out seriously: “Are you taking them off yourself or do you want me to take them off for you?”
“Ha?” Lin Mumu foolishly looked at him for a long while. Was this what they called to leave a wolf’s mouth to enter a tiger’s nest? (TN: To leave a dangerous situation, only to find yourself in another equally dangerous one.)
“Can I not? I’m dizzy and tired, I just want to sleep. Also, I’m blood-deficient, so I’ll go to bed first. Yun Ting, don’t disturb me.”
Lin Mumu wasn’t merely running away, rather, she was really tired of being tossed around the whole day.
As soon as her head fell on the pillow, she fell asleep.
If her physical condition was as good as it usually was, keeping the standing posture wouldn’t have affected her much. However, today just coincided with her period, so it was much easier for her to get tired.
Yun Ting laughed helplessly. After gently stroking Lin Mumu’s face, he still didn’t touch her clothes and thoughtfully covered her with the quilt.
Lin Mumu trusted him enough to sleep unconstrainedly in front of him, so he didn’t want to betray her trust.
Most importantly, he was afraid that if he really took off her clothes, he would be the one unable to bear it first.
“Reporting to senior official, Captain An of Beijing’s SWAT Special Police Forces and Professor Lin of Beijing University are here.”
“Let them wait a moment.”
Yun Ting gently gazed at Lin Mumu and tightly tucked her in the quilt for her. Then he ordered: “Xiao Du, guard the entrance. No one is allowed to come in. if anyone makes trouble, don’t be polite, deal with them directly! Xiao Gao, go to Beijing University’s camp and call over classmate Chen Fangya to move in this tent with Lin Mumu.”
“Yes!” Xiao Gao quickly ran to find Chen Fangya, and Xiao Du raised his spirits to guard the entrance of the military tent.
This camp was a temporary military training camp, so there is no houses or buildings, and all the people lived in military tents. However, there was still a discernable difference in their sizes.
Yun Ting was the person in charge of this military training camp, so his tent was naturally the main tent, which was bigger and had better conditions than the others. Even though it was still a tent, it had electricity, a bathroom, and hot water for bathing.
In the end, Yun Ting was still worried about damaging Lin Mumu’s reputation in university. But he still worried about the bad living environment she lived in at the students’ area, so he simply gave up his tent to her, and asked Chen Fangya to come over and live with her.