Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 59.1 - Professor Lin got angry (Part 1)

Chapter 59 – Professor Lin got angry (Part 1)
“You’re actually the one in charge here?!” Professor Lin had a bellyful of anger and urgently came to the military camp with his disciple to throw a fit. He didn’t expect to find Yun Ting there.
“Major general Yun, what a great man you are. Did you actually let your wife be bullied on your own territory? When you were still a youngster, I found you quite manly and dependable, but I didn’t expect you’d only be becoming more and more of a good for nothing. I must have been blind to let you marry Lin Mumu. What’s going on now? Did you turn your back on my Taoist disciple? In that case, you should just apply for divorce, our Lin Mumu is also not lacking in men who’d want her! “
“Daoist priest Lin, your temper didn’t change a single bit. You’re worried about Lin Mumu, but I’m also worried.”
“Hmph!” Professor Lin was half relieved when he saw Yun Ting’s urgent and anxious expression. He also knew that if there was no Yun Ting, the blood calamity pending on Lin Mumu would be even more dreadful.
“Professor Lin, sit down and listen to me, I’ll recount the whole story.”
“I won’t listen. I want to take Lin Mumu away!”
“Lin Mumu is all right, but if you take her away now, I’m afraid it will somewhat influence her studies.” Yun Ting was regular and thorough as he calmly placated Professor Lin to dissipate his anger. He finally said the most important sentence:
“The military doctor has just seen her. Lin Mumu’s body isn’t injured, it’s merely her monthly period.”
“If she’s alright, why didn’t you say so earlier?” As soon as he learned Lin Mumu was alright, Professor Lin instantly regained his immortal and enlightened bearing.
An Mingxuan, who came in together with Professor Lin, was already prepared to appease the enraged old professor on the way. Unexpectedly, Professor Lin was much calmer than he was. Not was the old man quietly meditating on the ground while reciting a few sutras, he also spoke some profound words:
“Lin Mumu is my disciple, suffering some hardships and having disaster befall on her is also part of her destiny.”
At that time, An Mingxuan also looked at the old Taoist priest with an expression of great respect and worship. In his heart, he thought it was just as expected from Lin Mumu and Lin Tianlang’s master. The old man belonged to the enlightened immortal’s realm, and had nothing to do with them ordinary people! ___________
In the blink of an eye, the enlightened expert abruptly became an angry and anxious old man… and yet again, in the blink of an eye, the venerable immortal came back …
An Mingxuan couldn’t stomach the change as it happened too fast for him to comprehend.