Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 59.2 - Professor Lin got angry (Part 2)

Chapter 59 – Professor Lin got angry (Part 2)
Suddenly, he wondered what Lin Mumu looked like when she was younger as a disciple, and if she also changed from an enlightened expert to a little nerve wreck in the blink of an eye? It seemed that Lin Mumu was so adorable, even if changed into a little nerve wreck, it would be amusing.
Wait a minute, did the old man just say Lin Mumu was together with Yun Ting? So, Lin Mumu’s mysterious boyfriend is young master Yun?
Yun Ting knew that Professor Lin was eager to protect his disciple, still, he simply recounted the previous events that took place. As for An Mingxuan, he merely threw him a cold sentence, however, the smell of gunpowder was obvious.
“Your SWAT’s hands still aren’t long enough to reach into our military area. And my, Yun Ting’s, wife doesn’t need other people to rush to protect her.”
“Beijing University’s students are under the jurisdiction of our police station. If anything happens to the students, we naturally have the obligation to cooperate with the investigation, don’t we?” An Mingxuan was unyielding, “Moreover, I personally received the students’ report and rushed to investigate in order to guard the safety of the students. This is my work, so I’ll ask Major General Yun to be understanding.”
“If you want to investigate a person, you must first get an official written approval by your superior. If you want to inquire about the condition of the student, the military doctor has just checked Lin Mumu, and you can go to the camp’s hospital to interrogate her. However, my barracks do not welcome the people from your police station.” Yun Ting had no plans of waiting upon him, so he casually dismissed him.
If Wang Chong was still there, Yun Ting didn’t mind letting him be judged in military court, not just because Wang Chong bullied Lin Mumu, but also because his behavior violated the basic ethics of a soldier, so he won’t protect him.
And if Wang Chong exposed Yun Ruoshan, Yun Ting wouldn’t care either. She had already grown up and should take responsibility for her own actions. If someone really wanted to protect her, he would let the people protecting her bear the consequences. He, Yun Ting, won’t wait upon them.
Unfortunately, Wang Chong’s condition was too serious to be cured, and his death let all his plans crumble apart. He needed to go to the bottom of the matter and properly investigate if the poisonous spider had anything to do with Yun Ruoshan.
Yun Ting was very clear about the situation of the military barracks. After all, how could he set up a military training camp for university students in a region where there existed poisonous insects?
This time’s matter was clearly man-made, and it needed to be thoroughly investigated!