Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 60 .1 - You’re stingy (Part 1)

Chapter 60 – You’re stingy (Part 1)
In the end, An Mingxuan didn’t succeed in entering the military area. But he was really unwilling to give up, so he still called to confirm Lin Mumu’s safety and her condition. Then, he went to the military hospital to ask the doctor about Lin Mumu’s injuries.
After investigating, An Mingxuan also discovered how the matter blew up, and that the affair had now grew into an even bigger matter. But Wang Chong’s death by a poisonous insect’s bite was completely odd no matter how one looked at it.
As the representative of Beijing University, Professor Lin was taken by Yun Ting to the heart of the students’ camp in order to let him see Lin Mumu with his own eyes.
It’s just a pity that the old Daoist priest had regained his enlightened and immortal bearing. He merely looked at Lin Mumu from far away through an open curtain, and then left quietly after making sure she was alright. He didn’t even meet Lin Mumu at all.
As for Yun Ting’s earnest hope of personally inspecting Lin Mumu’s body, it was completely shattered away by Cheng Fangya.
Because she had a very strong sense of loyalty and sisterhood, she had been very worried about Lin Mumu. From the moment her friend was taken into Yun Ting’s tent, she had been continuously standing guard nearby, and also heard with her own ears Yun Ting ordering Xiao Gao to call her over to keep Lin Mumu company.
In the end, Xiao Gao didn’t even need to go very far and easily found Chen Fangya. When Yun Ting went to see Professor Lin, she directly came into the tent by herself to watch over Lin Mumu. Cheng Fangya didn’t even go back to pack her luggage, and instead, asked Liu Yuanyuan and An Xiaoqin to help get it for her.
Lin Mumu’s roommates were very worried about her, so after she woke up, Xiao Du could only let An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan into the tent to chat with her. However, the two girls had a sense of property and only came to chat during the day but didn’t stay the night with them.
Another thing they were worried about was Lin Mumu being alone in a tent with Yun Ting, which would lead to unnecessary gossip by the people.
Although she and Yun Ting were husband and wife, it wasn’t publicly announced. And it was estimated that Lin Mumu was unlikely to disclose her marital status just to shut up idle gossipers.