Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 63.2 - When you do something wrong, be careful of ghosts knocking at your door (Part 2)

Chapter 63 – When you do something wrong, be careful of ghosts knocking at your door (Part 2)
Originally, the four of them were cheerfully talking in a quiet corner with no other people around, so Yun Ruoshan got curious and wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation. However, the closer she got, the angrier she became.
Second brother doted on her so much, and also kissed her!
This was likely to be true. Yun Ruoshan still remembers how Yun Ting tightly held Lin Mumu the other day, almost as if he wished to knead her into his own body. Again today, Yun Ruoshan secretly watched from the shadows and witnessed Yun Ting leaving while carrying Lin Mumu in his arms.
If it was her, Yun Ting probably wouldn’t care at all. When she was a child, she would often trip and fall down deliberately to let Yun Ting help her up. However, the only word she ever got was “scram”. When she got older, Yun Ting didn’t say that anymore, because he simply didn’t bother telling her a single word.
Why was he so good to Lin Mumu?
Lin Mumu also felt Yun Ruoshan’s glare, and suddenly turned around to face her with a strange smile that seemed to hold some meaning: “Yun Ruoshan, you’ve gone to such great lengths to harm others, aren’t you afraid of the ghosts that might come knocking at night?”
“What do I have to be afraid of?” Yun Ruoshan snorted, “I won’t play along your act of dressing up like a god and playing the devil. Where do you see ghosts existing in this world? The Taoist priests on the streets are just bluffing and swindling people.
I’m someone who’s been abroad to study at the United States, how could I believe in such things? Only people like you who hold onto this kind of decadent and old-fashioned culture would believe in ghosts and supernatural beings.”
(TN: Dress up like a god and play the devil means to mystify and deceive/scam people.)
“Ghosts do exit, they’re just hidden in every person’s heart, that’s why we say: He who never wrongs others does not fear ghosts knocking at night. Do not be guilty, don’t be afraid of the ghost knocking at the door. The idea is that, when you do something wrong, you will definitely face the consequences.” Lin Mumu calmly replied to her without a single trace of anger or impatience.
(TN: When you have a clear conscience, you can be at ease and fearless of consequences, contrary to someone who’s guilty.)
“You have a mental disorder!” Yun Ruoshan’s voice suddenly became nervously louder. She inexplicably felt like Lin Mumu’s eyes were somewhat gloomy and eerie, and she didn’t feel comfortable being stared at with that kind of gaze.
The sentence Lin Mumu said was merely a casual idiom people used daily to scare them from doing evil, but to Yun Ruoshan, those simple words became a heavy curse that continuously echoed in her mind: “When you do something wrong, be careful of ghosts knocking at your door.”