Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 64.1 - Your gun poked me (Part 1)

Chapter 64 – Your gun poked me (Part 1)
On the first night of military training, after a whole day of exhausting activities, all the students had a great quality sleep and instantly fell into a deep slumber the moment their heads touched their pillows.
Later in the middle of the night, as Lin Mumu was asleep, she suddenly felt a sturdy chest holding her. She could smell the familiar fragrance of that person’s body, so with a slight smile on her face, she snuggled into his arms and tightly held him in her arms, then simply continued to sleep soundly.
A certain pitiful someone merely came to take a look at her, yet unexpectedly was taken advantage of and had his tofu eaten.
Yun Ting shook his head helplessly. He kept holding her close to him motionlessly, and forcefully suppressed the throbbing of his heart and his body’s instinctive reaction that seemed on the point of bursting out.
Afraid she might feel his body’s temperature was too cold and release her grip, he quickly started warming up by continuously releasing his desire and forcefully suppressing it again and enduring the pain.
Seemingly feeling Yun Ting’s higher temperature, Lin Mumu comfortably huddled closer in his embrace.
Although it was still early autumn, the days already started getting slightly chilly in the middle of the night. Yun Ting’s temperature was just perfect and Lin Mumu cozily slept while holding her warm human sized hot water bottle.
She was sleeping so soundly that, contrary to expectations, her sleep was far from smooth and steady. Once again, Yun Ting couldn’t sleep at all, and had no choice but to endure this torment while still somewhat enjoying the experience.
When Lin Mumu woke up, the sun hadn’t risen yet. However, rather than a warm tent, she found herself on a spacious and empty river bank, sleeping in the Yun Ting’s tight embrace.
Yun Ting sat up, and his half-narrowed eyes and nervous expression finally relaxed somewhat.
Originally, he didn’t want to let Lin Mumu be engulfed in gossip and nasty rumors, so he got Chen Fangya to move in his tent to accompany her. However, he also couldn’t touch his own little wife, and his heart itched again, so he just stole Lin Mumu away.
This little girl was really good at being abducted. Not only did she not resist, she also put her hands around him to tightly hug him and avoid falling from his arms. She looked just like a delicate and charming little woman picked up by Ren Jun, and indiscriminately allured people into committing a crime.
Consequently, both of them spent the whole night outdoors in the open next to the river. Although they didn’t do anything, they could still feel each other’s breath.
Lin Mumu had woken up, but she was resolutely unwilling to open her eyes. She continued to act shamelessly while cozily nestling herself in Yun Ting’s embrace. It seemed like if she opened her eyes, she would instantly be too embarrassed to act shameless, so she might as well take the opportunity while she still could.