Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 64.2 - Your gun poked me (Part 2)

Chapter 64 – Your gun poked me (Part 2)
Yun Ting was very sensitive to breath. He sensed Lin Mumu woke up and gently patted her small head: “Little fool, I’ll send you back.”
“Let’s go to the training grounds and watch the sunrise together, alright?”
“Alright.” Yun Ting replied curtly before standing up while conveniently carrying Lin Mumu in his arms.
“I have feet…” Lin Mumu protested.
A grunt, then, what happened afterwards? He proceeded carrying her.
He reacted exactly as she thought he would.
Lin Mumu refused to comply and angrily struggled in his arms to come down from his arms. But her small body was far from a match to someone of Yun Ting’s caliber.
“Be obedient, stop moving around.” Yun Ting’s voice sounded a little hoarse.
Alright, maybe it was fine after all? It wasn’t even bright yet at the moment. Everyone was still sleeping soundly, except the soldiers on night duty. However, Yun Ting was too agile to be noticed by them, so Lin Mumu finally relented and let do as he liked.
Lin Mumu was still a little uneasy, so after moving for a while, she couldn’t help but protest while pouting her mouth: “The gun in your pocket poked me.”
“I don’t have a gun.” Yun Ting replied with a straight face as if it was a matter of course.
“Obviously you do!” Lin Mumu reached out to feel a certain place for a moment before suddenly retracting her hand with a deep blush on her face, and didn’t speak a single word anymore.
That hateful bastard!
“If you want to touch it, go back and feel it slowly.” Yun Ting’s voice became even lower, and his warm breath blew alluringly near Lin Mumu’s earlobe.
“You scoundrel, let me down!” Lin Mumu had the urge to cry but was lacking the tears. Where was there a gun, it was obviously a man’s thing!
Wu, she almost felt him all the way up. (TN: ‘Wu’ whimpering sound.)
Yun Ting also felt the close friction with Lin Mumu was only getting a little unbearable. In the end, he couldn’t stand it anymore and finally let her down in a place nobody would notice them.
Lin Mumu was thoroughly embarrassed, yet, she unexpectedly still had the gall to provoke him: “You’re my husband. Where am I not allowed to touch you? Hmph!”
afterwards, before Yun Ting could catch her, Lin Mumu quickly ran away.
Lin Mumu jogged one lap around the training ground, and Yun Ting also accompanied her by jogging by her side. The light of the rising sun in early morning sprinkled over them like a warm and golden glow.
After finishing the second lap, the whistle announcing the early morning training sounded out, and Lin Mumu went back to join her team and take part in the training.
Usually, Yun Ting wasn’t idle enough to visit every training session and patrol in person.
However, the female students’ side once again seemed to be facing a problem.