Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 65.1 - Referred to as “Psychosis” (Part 1)

Chapter 65 – Referred to as “Psychosis” (Part 1)
In the early morning, Yun Ruoshan was already screaming around as if she had turned insane. She pointed her finger at Lin Mumu and barked: “Lin Mumu, I won’t back down until you confess, what kind of witchcraft did you use on me? I was haunted by ghosts for the whole night!”
Yun Ruoshan didn’t get a single week of sleep at night as she continuously kept on having nightmares, so she was naturally in extremely bad condition. She was convinced that Lin Mumu must have played some trick on her, which made her later meet a ghost.
“Are you sick?” Lin Mumu gave her a helpless and blank glance, then loudly shouted: “Report to the instructor, classmate Yun Ruoshan is sick and needs to see the military doctor.”
“I’m not sick! I’m not sick! You’d better confess right now, what did you do to me? You’re definitely evil! You dress up as god and play devil to scare me, but I’m not afraid of you! Ghosts don’t exist in this world!”
“Right, ah, where do ghosts exist in this world? The so-called ghosts live within people’s hearts and minds.” Lin Mumu leisurely spoke while drawing out every word, seemingly holding a deeper meaning while looking at Yun Ruoshan like a retard, which only made the latter even angrier and her crazy state became difficult for the students to handle.
In the end, the instructor eventually arranged Yun Ruoshan to be seen by the military doctor, however, there was nothing wrong with her. The only problem the doctor detected was that she hadn’t slept well last night and was emotionally stirred.
Relying on natural science and atheist principals, when Yun Ruoshan kept saying she saw ghosts, it could only be regarded by modern medicine as a hallucination caused by a nervous mental disorder, referred to as “Psychosis”.
This military training was really plagued with misfortunes. Just over the first two days, some student was persecuted, another one suffered from psychosis, and an instructor was killed by a poisonous spider’s bite.
The military doctor said that Yun Ruoshan must have smaller courage compared to others. She might have been so frightened by the sight of instructor Wang Chong being bitten to death yesterday, to the point of suffering from psychosis.
Yun Ruoshan was diagnosed with psychosis, so they could only end her military training ahead of time, and immediately send her back to Beijing’s Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. However, it was estimated that the psychiatric hospital would also be helpless against ghosts that came knocking at night.
Some more astute people said that Yun Ruoshan would only dream of ghosts if she had done something bad. After all, just moments before Wang Chong’s death, Yun Ruoshan’s name was specifically pointed out, and everyone could see her complexion was completely ashen at that time.