Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 66.2 - It’s normal to have a baby (Part 2)

Chapter 66 – It’s normal to have a baby (Part 2)
Lin Mumu’s face turned bright red. The matter of her and Yun Ting obviously couldn’t be hidden from Chen Fangya.
“Lin Mumu, tell us honestly, did you two do that thing, en?” An Xiaoqin also joined in the bustle to tease Lin Mumu.
“What thing?”
“Precisely that one thing, the pleasure of close intimacy.” An Xiaoqin was making fun of her, but in her heart, she was also discreetly inquiring intelligence.
“We are legitimately husband and wife, it’s normal to have a baby.” Lin Mumu answered with a calm face.
“Lin Mumu, you can’t be speaking seriously, right?”
“Of course I’m serious. I’m over eighteen and considered to be an adult. According to ancient records, women can get married and have children after having their first period. I have already had it for five years.”
“… Girl, we’re in modern times, not the ancient era.” The roommates speechlessly stared at her. Fortunately, everyone was walking in a scattered fashion, and there was nobody else around them.
“How does It affect our relationship? We’re a legal couple anyway.” Lin Mumu didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed.
However, the truth was even when her period was long over, Yun Ting hadn’t touched her at all.
Hadn’t they agreed that the next time they met they would consummate the marriage? Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything, except hold hands and exchange two kisses, even though Lin Mumu seriously kept thinking about fulfilling her little wife’s duties.
However, you couldn’t really blame Yun Ting either. The environment of the barracks wasn’t very convenient.
From beginning to end, Yun Ting always paid attention to Lin Mumu’s situation. He said he would supervise by walking along the troops, but he had continuously been paying attention only to Lin Mumu.
He had a whole army to watch over the others, so he only needed to watch over one Lin Mumu, he absolutely couldn’t let her run into any danger.
Especially now that they were walking in the mountains, if someone couldn’t hold it in anymore, it was likely there would be an accident.
Of course, it was only natural that Lin Mumu and An Xiaoqin’s conversation was also inadvertently heard by him.
Lin Mumu felt Yun Ting’s burning gaze and glanced back at him with face as red as a cooked shrimp, then turned back to look ahead to walk with awkwardly.
Who said she wanted to have a baby with him, humph!