Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 67.1 - Scaring the disobedient little girls (Part 1)

Chapter 67 – Scaring the disobedient little girls (Part 1)
Yun Ting looked thoughtfully at the several backpacks pressing on Lin Mumu’ shoulders, and suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs:
“What are the male students of Beijing University doing? You don’t have a speck of manliness! Don’t you know you should help the girls with backpacks? Do you still want to get yourself a wife in the future?”
Yun Ting’s tone was half-scolding, half-joking, but the results were really good. Young people were fonder of the feeling of not being coerced into orders, but rather treated with high esteem and honor.
Afterwards, the boys took the initiative to help the girls with their backpacks. An Xiaoqin, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan’s bags were quickly taken over by some boys from Beijing University.
When someone was ready to reach out for Lin Mumu’s backpack, he found out that the senior official who had just spoken stopped beside Lin Mumu and extended his hand towards her: “Hand it.”
Lin Mumu smiled sweetly, exposing her adorable canines, and very naturally placed her backpack in Major General Yun’s hand.
The esteemed Major General acted like a tour guide and meticulously carried it on his own back. Nonetheless, he still didn’t forget to two-facedly tell Lin Mumu:
“Classmate Lin, your body’s not in good condition and you even fainted before. This time, make sure to act according to your own competences. If any problem arises, report to me any time.”
“Understood, senior official!” Lin Mumu wittily stood upright to attention and saluted him in standard military etiquette. (TN: actually, Mumu said something like “As you bid, sir!” meaning, I’ll follow your orders.)
Yun Ting nodded solemnly, but he was internally suppressing his wild heartbeats. He really made himself suffer like this with his own hands. However, he was still deeply enjoying it to the point he would never get tired of it.
Lin Mumu also couldn’t do anything about it. Last night, she had continuously told him that her body was already in better condition and she was unlikely to meet any mishaps. Even if Beijing University’s female students got tired to the point of half-falling down, she, Lin Mumu, wouldn’t collapse.
In Yun Ting’s heart, Lin Mumu was a pampered little girl who needed protection at all times.
Because of Lin Mumu and Yun Ruoshan’s previous successive accidents, both Beijing University and China University paid greater importance to the safety of their students. Every head teacher was following after the class he was in charge of to climb up the hill.
Albeit his old age, Professor Lin was still capable of keeping up with the practice by following behind.
He observed Lin Mumu and Yun Ting’s interaction from time to time and silently nodded with satisfaction.
Professor Lin didn’t say a single word during the whole trip up the mountain, and merely kept acting as a big immortal, followed by Lin Tianlang, acting as a little immortal. No matter how you looked at them, the master and disciple duo painted an imposing sight with their enlightened experts’ bearings.