Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 68.1 - You can’t do anything about one’s good luck (Part 1)

Chapter 68 – You can’t do anything about one’s good luck (Part 1)
“Pfff!” Lin Mumu bent down in laughter. She didn’t expect Yun Ting to also have this kind of dark past.
An Xiaoqin continued: “At that time, we all thought that Yun Ting was a man who never understood how to be soft and gentle towards girls, and we even thought he only liked men.
If he hadn’t left to enroll into the army later, people would have definitely believed he and my brother were a couple. They were both cold, aloof and very handsome, and they also both didn’t like their female classmate.
Thinking of it now, my big brother and Yun Ting are really similar. They not only look and act in similar ways, but also have similar taste, and they both like you, this kind of pure foodie without curves in the chest or the bottom to brag.”
That’s right, ah! An Xiaoqin was almost unable to suppress the excitement in her heart. She wanted to quickly share this information with the girls who were scared into tears by the two villains Yun ting and An Mingxuan. How would they react when they’d know what kind of goods these two gods actually liked?
Moreover, their childhood’s nightmare, Major General Yun Ting, also turned out to have such a gentle and tender side. The demon they feared all along actually went as far as secretly bringing in a bag of potato chips during military training for a little female student!?
Lin Mumu had already eaten three bags of potato chips, and An Xiaoqin simply couldn’t believe how she could fit those three packets in her small backpack.
No, it wasn’t just potato chips. Lin Mumu was currently chewing on a pear she took out from the very same bag.
Just how many snacks did Yun Ting smuggle in for her?!
Iceberg young master Yun unexpectedly turned out to have the ‘wildly pampering wifey’ magical attribute.
“Lin Mumu, you shot your targets so fast, aren’t anxious about your grade at all?”
“Doesn’t shooting depend on luck? I’ve always had good luck.”
The results of her good luck was that in just the first day of target shooting, Lin Mumu managed to rank first among the female student with a spectacular ninety points…
“Lin Mumu, will you simply not let other people live?!” (TN: it’s an expression to mean ‘you’re taking all the good stuff for yourself’ or ‘won’t let anyone stand int the limelight’.)