Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 68.2 - You can’t do anything about one’s good luck (Part 2

Chapter 68 – You can’t do anything about one’s good luck (Part 2)
“Chi, it’s just a rampant dog’s luck. If we let this kind of person compete against Huada’s students, we, Yanda, will really lose our big face.” Su Xinlan unhappily looked at Lin Mumu’s score. (TN: Chi is sfx for sneer at, jeer, scoff at. Big face means high prestige, honor, reputation, esteem.)
At this moment, Su Xinlan simply wished she could strangle Lin Mumu to death. For the target shooting competition against Huada, only two girls would be chosen as representatives. Since she and An Xiaoqin were both amateurs who had learnt shooting before, she was confident they would be both chosen.
In the end, Lin Mumu and An Xiaoqin took the two first places among Yanda’s female students.
Again, Su Xinlan felt like Lin Mumu had actually stolen the place that should have belonged to her.
In contrast to her anger and jealousy, Lin Mumu’s reply was the epitome of calmness: “Luck also plays a part in one’s strength. I may keep on having good luck tomorrow, just like for the preparatory classe’s exam. After all, at that time, I also hadn’t expected I would rank so high.”
“Lin Mumu, you’re deliberately provoking me!” Su Xinlan’s body was trembling in anger. The biggest disgrace in her whole life was not acing the preparatory exam, and Lin Mumu had actually achieved that merely by a stroke of luck?!
Lin Mumu calmly smiled at her before turning to leave. She was really too lazy to acknowledge her.
The final representatives for the shooting competition wouldn’t be chosen by Su Xinlan but by the instructors.
Lin Mumu said she was merely shooting randomly and her results were out of good luck, but that was completely a lie.
Her hand was steadily holding the gun, her eyes were sharply focused on the target, and her finger didn’t hesitate for a single moment before pulling the trigger and scoring. She quickly and accurately shot five consecutive shots and successfully hit her targets.
The results came out later in the afternoon, and the two female representatives of Yanda were as expected: Lin Mumu and An Xiaoqin.
As they were to represent Yanda against Huada the following day, the both of them had the privilege of training their shooting again in the afternoon, and each person could practice shooting several more times.
This privilege was greatly envied by the many other students, but Lin Mumu merely trained by ‘luckily’ shooting in a strange sequence of points “Nine, Ten, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eight…” Her shooting was very steady and even the frequency of the shots didn’t change while she kept casually scoring in that strange way.
“Lin Mumu, don’t tell me you’re actually deliberately playing lucky to act modest?” An Xiaoqin was flabbergasted, she couldn’t help but ask after staring with an astonished expression at Lin Mumu’s score.
“Is it very obvious?”
“En… You’re shooting in a sequence and the frequency of scores is the same…”
“Oh.” Lin Mumu let out a sound of agreement and casually shot her next target to score seven points.