Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 70.2 - The Bonfire evening party (Part 2)

Chapter 70 – The Bonfire evening party (Part 2)
From the very beginning, Yun Ting had always been paying close attention to Lin Mumu’s situation. At that moment, he instantly shouted:
“Classmate Lin Mumu, come over here.”
Yun Ting loudly called for her, she really didn’t dare not go.
Who let him be the senior official?
(TN: meaning there’s nothing I can do about it since he’s lucky enough to be superior.)
“Your piece was snatched away.” Yun Ting was really of timely assistance.
“En.” Lin Mumu nodded: “I’ll change it at the last minute. I’ll just play our Daoism’s tune of “High mountain’s running water”. I’m just afraid it won’t be well received by the audience.”
“I’ll teach you.” The next moment, Yun Ting began to seriously write down a song’s music score. The rustling sound of his fountain pen and Yun Ting’s grave and stern expression while wearing his neat and tidy green army shirt truly made a breathtaking scenery.
“Alright.” Yun Ting looked up, just in time to see Lin Mumu’s dazed gaze and absent-minded expression.
“When the military training is over, I’ll go back home and let you slowly take your time to watch all you like.” He lightly bent over and smilingly said a few words in her ear.
Who said it depended on you?!
Lin Mumu lowered their heads and bit her lower lip as she started to seriously study the musical notes on the piece of paper, along the lyrics written underneath them.
“Can you sing?” Yun Ting asked probingly.
“En.” Lin Mumu unconsciously nodded at his question.
“Good, I’ll accompany you.”
Before Lin Mumu could understand what Yun Ting meant by his words, they suddenly heard her name being called on stage.
Without the proper musical score, Lin Mumu could only give up playing the flute. The song Yun Ting gave her was pretty good, so she would just sing it.
It’s just that she wasn’t really ready to sing without music, so the result wouldn’t be as pleasant.
Lin Mumu was already standing on stage in a dilemma when suddenly, an elegant piano tune sounded behind her.
Lin Mumu turned around to look behind her and was flabbergasted. She could actually faintly discern Yun Ting’s tall and straight silhouette sitting beside the piano.
Damned Yun Ting!
He actually could play the piano this well!
Fortunately, Lin Mumu was only confused for a moment before she quickly readjusted her state of mind and entered her role. Along the beautiful piano sound, she started singing.