Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 71.1 - Cooperating with Yun Ting for the first time (Part 1)

Chapter 71 – Cooperating with Yun Ting for the first time (Part 1)
Why did the bamboo flute solo change into a song? Nobody was interested in knowing that at the moment, the only thing they cared about was enjoying the exceedingly beautiful piano tune accompanied with the charming singing.
Yun Ting’s piano tune was completely different from his own cold and serious temperament. He played the piano with great concentration and calmness, just like a graceful prince who quietly used the piano’s melody to recount the thoughts on his mind.
And although Lin Mumu’s voice was neat, clear and somewhat cold, it was tainted with a certain brave and pure feeling. The most important thing was that this song expressed her favorite kind of feelings, so she carefully sang it very emotionally, even better than some popular singers.
The harmony of rhythm and voice made the audience subconsciously turn completely quiet as they immersed themselves in purely enjoying the performance.
It wasn’t until the end of the song that a massive tide of applause erupted under the stage.
Lin Mumu was clearly visible as she sang on the stage, but very few people would actually see Yun Ting playing the piano behind her.
Seeing how popular Lin Mumu’s performance was, Su Xinlan gritted her teeth in anger.
An Xiaoqin was sitting right next to Su Xinlan. Seeing how she reacted, she instantly taunted her with a sarcastic remark: “Some people try to steal the chicken only to lose the rice used to lure it. It’s said that the sound of bamboo flute is generally not as pleasant to hear as the sound of the zither. If Lin Mumu had played the flute instead, it’s unlikely a certain someone would have been crushed so badly.”
“Hmph! I hope you can be as you luck as you were today and actually hit the targets tomorrow.” Su Xinlan was so angry that she didn’t even want to attend the bonfire party. She snappily turned around to leave, but Lin Mumu’s voice suddenly firmly sounded behind her:
“Rest assured, my luck has always been good. In today’s training, I haven’t scored less than seven points.”
Su Xinlan’s face became even more ugly. She would be stupid if she believed Lin Mumu’s shooting ability wasn’t high enough. Sure enough, what Yun Ruoshan had said was right, that Lin Mumu was really a hypocritical little bitch.
After the bonfire party programs ended, Lin Mumu didn’t get the opportunity to see much, because she was immediately called away by the senior official!