Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 71.2 - Cooperating with Yun Ting for the first time (Part 2)

Chapter 71 – Cooperating with Yun Ting for the first time (Part 2)
This time, Yun Ting drove a military jeep as he took her to deliver some mutton meat to Grandpa Guo.
“You’ll feed this raw mutton meat the dogs?” Lin Mumu was puzzled.
“You’ll understand when we’re there.” Yun Ting gently patted her small head.
In order to make his grandpa happy, Yun Ting remembered to move out a big barbecue grill from his tent, and he took the opportunity to fill a jar with some aged wine.
It turned out that Yun Ting wanted to barbecue the meat himself.
Previously, Lin Mumu had to fight with her fellow classmates over a few pieces of delicious grilled meat. But now, as she was gazing at the whole half lamb in front of her, her drool was already falling. There was just three of them, so it must be enough for her to eat a lot!
“Little greedy cat!” Yun Ting helplessly knocked on Lin Mumu’s forehead. “Wait a little longer.”
“Oh, I wasn’t looking at the barbecue. I was looking at you. Men who can cook are the most handsome!” Lin Mumu went against her character and praised him unreservedly.
“Hehe. If you like it this much, you can look a little longer. ” Even though he knew Lin Mumu was merely a foodie, Yun Ting still enjoyed this kind of praise.
Nevertheless, Lin Mumu’s eyes still fell on the mutton meat instead of Yun Ting’s body. Rather than gazing at his outstanding and heroic appearance, Lin Mumu would rather stare at that juicy piece of meat ~
“There are still two roasted chickens and peanuts on the car. Go and get them.” Yun Ting had barely finished his order but Lin Mumu’s shadow had already disappeared at lightening’s speed.
Fortunately, Lin Mumu was a polite child. Even if her foodie attribute was off the charts, she still had property and remember to give grandpa Guo a generous piece of meat first.
“Don’t rush to eat as it is, put it on the fire to heat it up again.” Yun Ting reminded her.
“It’s alright, it’s not scalding right now, just the right temperature to eat.” Lin Mumu had absolutely no resistance whether the chicken was crispy or tender.
After all, she wasn’t a meat foodie for nothing, she fundamentally had no resistance to any type of meat.